REDgroup Retail

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REDgroup Retail
Industry Retail (Specialty)
Pop-up Retail
Online shopping
Founded 1998
Defunct February, 2011 [1]
Headquarters Melbourne, Australia
Number of employees
2,500 [1]
Parent Pacific Equity Partners
Divisions Borders (Asia Pacific)
Angus & Robertson

REDgroup Retail was the former parent company of the Australian and New Zealand divisions of Borders. It also owned other retail entities such as Angus & Robertson in Australia and Whitcoulls in New Zealand.

REDgroup Retail also owned a number of specialty retail stores such as the Pop-up Retail chain, the Calendar Club in Australia and New Zealand along with the Supanews chain.[2]

REDgroup Retail went into administration in 2011. Angus & Robertson and Borders Australia stores were closed or sold; the names and websites were sold to Pearson.[3] Whitcoulls was sold to the James Pascoe Group.