REF (International Name) Institution of Elite Training

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The REF (Institution of Elite Training) is a Russian institution of various locations spread throughout Russia. It is a prestigious but somewhat obscure educational institute. The schools have been criticized in the latter years.

Demid Kyznetsov is currently its chairman.

7 Largest Branches[edit]

1. Moscow

2. St. Petersburg

3. Volgograd

4. Yekaterinburg

5. Novgorod

6. Smolensk

7. Vladivostok

REFM (Moscow Branch)[edit]

The Moscow branch is the biggest operating branch and has been the most successful in terms of graduation achievements and Special Courses. They also often work together with Moscow's MSU. Its latest principal is Alexander Koraslov who has been repeatedly pressured by the board to improve school relations, most likely in response to the growing and widely reported situation between the principal and one of Moscow's most infamous and notorious students.


The REF is still clouded in obscurity and its spokesmen seem to be camera shy. New legislators are pushing for more openness and skeptics continually seek more clarification.