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Guitarist Yul, 1986
Background information
Origin Mondragón, Basque Country
Genres Punk
Hardcore punk
Years active 1981 (1981)–1988
Labels Spansuls Records
Basati Diskak
Associated acts Gatillazo, Eskorbuto, Fermín Muguruza, The Kagas
Past members Mahoma†

R.I.P. was a hardcore punk group from Mondragón, Basque Country (Spain), and were part of the Basque Radical Rock musical movement in the early 1980s.


1981–1983: The beginning[edit]

In 1981, the Bolinaga brothers Yul and Txerra formed a band entitled Doble Cero, with the bassist and singer "Portu" Mancebo. They added Juan Luis Mallabi as lead singer, and initially pursued a hardcore punk direction, but then Mallabi is enlist for his mandatory military service, and was replaced for manager group Carlos "Mahoma" Agirreurreta.

When Mallabi returned to the band, tensions between he and "Mahoma", making Mallabi walked out from the group.

1984–1988: Breakthrough, No Te Muevas and first hiatus[edit]

The remain members changed the band name for RIP, releasing their eponymous debut EP in 1984, edited by Basati Diskak label, shared with Eskorbuto[1].

In 1985, although they could only get a independient record deal, releasing their first live album: 83 84 Elgoibar Vitoria Lasarte Barna, this recording has subsequently become more widely available as cassette (then as CD re-issue by Destruye!!! Records in 2006). RIP opened the Euskal Rock festival, at Barcelona in november 1985, among with La Polla Records, Kortatu and Cicatriz.

In 1987, by Basati Diskak label, released their only full studio album No Te Muevas[2], generally regard it as one of the most important albums in the history of spanish punk. But then in 1988, the members dissolved the band.

1994–2003: Reunion and final break-up[edit]

While Fermin Muguruza was working on a festival in 1994, he and his own label Esan Ozenki, invited to Mahoma, Yul, Txerra and Portu to share the show with another bands, officially reunited as RIP. By 1995, the reunion show was released on CD as HIESari Aurre Egiten!!. On 1996 Portu died from a heroin overdose, replaced by his brother temporally.

In 2001, RIP recorded by last time a new song, "Anti-Politica", for the compilation Gaztetxeak martxan!, then in 2003 Carlos "Mahoma" died by cancer, that was the end of the band[3]. In parallel, Yul and Txerra formed by 2003 with Evaristo Páramos the short-lived group The Kagas, then The Meas in 2004.



Studio Albums[edit]

Live Albums[edit]


  • Premiere demo (1983, 4 songs, including "Brigada criminal" and "Anti-militar")


  • Spanish HC (BCT Tapes, 1984)


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