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RNA helicase
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RNA helicase (EC, CSFV NS3 helicase, DBP2, DbpA, DDX17, DDX25, DDX3, DDX3X, DDX3Y, DDX4, DDX5, DEAD-box protein DED1, DEAD-box RNA helicase, DEAH-box protein 2, DEAH-box RNA helicase, DED1, Dex(H/D) RNA helicase, EhDEAD1, EhDEAD1 RNA helicase, eIF4A helicase, KOKV helicase, Mtr4p, nonstructural protein 3 helicase, NPH-II, RHA, RNA helicase A, RNA helicase DDX3, RNA helicase Hera, RNA-dependent ATPase, TGBp1 NTPase/helicase domain, VRH1, GRTH/DDX25) is an enzyme with system name ATP phosphohydrolase (RNA helix unwinding).[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] This enzyme catalyses the following chemical reaction

ATP + H2O \rightleftharpoons ADP + phosphate

RNA helicases utilize the energy from ATP hydrolysis to unwind RNA.


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