ROTC Medal for Heroism

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ROTC Medal for Heroism
Awarded by United States Army
Type Medal
Eligibility ROTC Cadets
Awarded for "ROTC cadets who distinguish themselves by acts of heroism performed on or off campus. Act must result in accomplishment so exceptional / outstanding as to set cadet apart from others in similar circumstances and must involve acceptance of danger or extraordinary responsibilities exemplifying praiseworthy fortitude and courage."[1]
Status Currently Awarded
Next (lower) Superior Cadet Decoration Award
ROTC Medal for Heroism Ribbon

The ROTC Medal for Heroism is the highest Department of the Army medal awarded exclusively to Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps cadets. This award is presented to cadets who perform acts of heroism. As with other Department of the Army decorations, the award consists of a medal and ribbon, accompanied by DA Form 638.[2] In the Army, this award is also known as the Medal of Heroism.[3]

Criteria for award[edit]

To be awarded this decoration, cadets must distinguish themselves by acts of heroism. The act must:

  • Result in an accomplishment so exceptional/outstanding as to set a cadet apart
  • Involve acceptance of danger or extraordinary responsibilities

The Soldier's Medal is an authorized award in place of the Medal for Heroism for acts of heroism performed at CTLT.[2]

Other persons eligible[edit]

Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps cadets are also eligible for this award.[3]

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