60S ribosomal protein L31

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Ribosomal protein L31
Available structures
PDB Ortholog search: PDBe, RCSB
Symbols RPL31 ; L31
External IDs HomoloGene133014 GeneCards: RPL31 Gene
Species Human Mouse
Entrez 6160 114641
Ensembl ENSG00000071082 ENSMUSG00000073702
UniProt P62899 P62900
RefSeq (mRNA) NM_000993 NM_001252218
RefSeq (protein) NP_000984 NP_001239147
Location (UCSC) Chr 2:
101.62 – 101.64 Mb
Chr 1:
39.37 – 39.37 Mb
PubMed search [1] [2]

60S ribosomal protein L31 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the RPL31 gene.[1][2][3]

Ribosomes, the organelles that catalyze protein synthesis, consist of a small 40S subunit and a large 60S subunit. Together these subunits are composed of 4 RNA species and approximately 80 structurally distinct proteins. This gene encodes a ribosomal protein that is a component of the 60S subunit. The protein belongs to the L31E family of ribosomal proteins. It is located in the cytoplasm. Higher levels of expression of this gene in familial adenomatous polyps compared to matched normal tissues have been observed. As is typical for genes encoding ribosomal proteins, there are multiple processed pseudogenes of this gene dispersed through the genome.[3]


RPL31 has been shown to interact with BRCA1.[4]


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