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RTTNews is an Internet-based newswire service and content creation business based in Williamsville, New York, not far from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport at 1325 N. Forest Road, located in a commercial medium density apartment house building. It focuses on rapid delivery of important global financial news, economic developments, market analysis, stock alerts, foreign exchange market events, and other related subjects. It also has offerings in the areas of health, entertainment and politics. Users of RTTNews include banks and brokerages, financial exchanges, news aggregators, and assorted websites. Due to the nature of this business, it favors the home office on-the-road style of wireless (4G, Mobile WiMAX, LTE (telecommunication), CDMA and MetroPCS) ubiquitous work place.

President: Andrew Mariathasan, Vice President: Ravi Mariathasan, Vice President: Brian Stewart, Managing Editor: Vincent O'Hara, Editor: Scott Izard, Directors (RTT India): Harikumar.B, Shanti Rexaline, Manager-operations: Pramodh Annaswamy, Manager/Editor (Equity Desk): Geordy George, Staff Writers at RTTNews: Louis Battaglia, Tim Emmerick, Vanessa Oswald

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