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RTVi (Russian Television International, previously known as NTV International) is an international Russian-language private television network, with studios based in Moscow, New York and Tel-Aviv, as well as bureaus in Washington DC, Berlin and Kiev, which broadcasts by satellite and cable in Europe, North America, and other countries. The network's principal audience is the Russian-speaking community in these countries.

In Russia the RTVi is broadcast via cable television, MMDS networks, etc. [1] The company Mediamart distributes RTVi broadcasts to various operators of cable and satellite TV networks, MMDS and IPTV networks.

RTVi is owned by Vladimir Gusinsky, the founder of NTV, Russia's first independent TV network, which was acquired by the government in April 2001. RTVi and its Russian subsidiary, Echo TV, is staffed by many former NTV journalists, such as Andrei Norkin, Vladimir Kara-Murza and Victor Shenderovich.

Since major part of its audience are Russian speakers with limited number of channels available to them due to language barrier and/or lack of Russian channels in USA, RTVi is a major source of information, in some cases it’s the only TV channel available for them.

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