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Prabhakar Ramachandra Gupta
Born May 25, 1947
Nationality Indian
Education BE (Mech Engg), MS (OSU), Ph. D (Purdue University)
Spouse(s) Leelavathi Prabhakar
Children P. Abhiram, P. Shivram
Parents G. Ramachandra Gupta, S. Saraswathi Bai
Engineering career
Engineering discipline Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science
Institution memberships Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Sastha Scientific company.
Significant projects Optimal cotton mixing, microprocessor controlled robotic arm project
Significant design Minimum drag rowing boat (consultant)
Significant awards Young Scientist award in 1984

Prabhakar Ramachandra Gupta (born May 25, 1947) is an academician and a consultant. He is the secretary of Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. He is a member of several Commissions of AICTE,Director of Technical Education, Tamil Nadu, Bharathiar University and Madras University in Computer Science and in Mechanical Engineering. He has over 30 years of teaching experience. His areas of interests include CNC, Compilers, Data Structures, and Control Systems.

Personal life[edit]

He was born into an educated family in Tamil Nadu. He was born in Coimbatore as the son of Late. Sri G. Ramachandra gupta and S. Saraswathi Bai. Prabhakar married Leelavathi, Proprietor, Balasastha Chemicals & Sasta Scientific company. He has two sons, Abhiram and Shivram. Abhiram Prabhakar i working with Link-A-Media, as a Design Engineer and Shivaram Prabhakar is with the Microsoft Corporation, Redmond.


R. Prabhakar did his schooling from his home town Coimbatore. He studied in the Municipal Boys High School Coimbatore. He passed out on school in May 1962 and joined his pre university at Government Arts College, Coimbatore.

Engineering at IIT Madras[edit]

He was offered a seat in Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Higher studies in the US[edit]

Prabhakar went on to pursue his masters in Mechanical Engineering at Oklakhama State University. He went on the complete his Ph.D in Purdue University in Mechanical Engineering. During his days at the United States, he was involved in research and has published papers notably in the fields of engine efficiency and emissions.


R. Prabhakar was involved in teaching upon his return from America. He has guided several research scholars. Along with his wife, Prabhakar runs the Balasastha Chemicals and Sastha Scientific company.

Coimbatore Institute of Technology[edit]

Upon his return from the US, Prabhakar received offers from institutions like IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay, GCT and CIT. Taking the advice of his friend Mr. J Srinivasan who is the Director of Atmospheric Science at IISc Bangalore, Prabhakar took the offer from Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT). Prabhakar went on to become the Principal of the institution in June 1996. He brought into CIT, its first computer Data General Eclipse S130 in 1981.He was instrumental in the growth of the institution. CIT was ranked 25th amongst the Government and Government-Aided Engineering Colleges in India according to a recent survey by the Outlook magazine.[1]


Prabhakar is involved in associations like FIE,ΦΚΦ, CSI, MORSI, IWS, and MISTE. He was a consultant for the US Olympic Rowing Team (1974) to design a minimum drag rowing boat. He is currently the consultant for Kasbah Systems Software.

Papers and published works[edit]

  • “ Optimisation of engine efficiency and emissions “ – R.Prabhakar, R.E.Goodson and S.J.Citron, paper presented at the “ Engine Control Workshop”, organised by US Department of Transportation, Transportation System Center, Boston, Mass, July 1975.
  • “ Optimisation of Engine Fuel economic and emissions “, R.Prabhakar, R.E.Goodsen and S.J.Citron, paper presented at the ASME winter annual meeting Houston, Texas, USA Nov. 1975.
  • “Optimisation of Automotive Engine fuel economy and emissions “,– R.Prabhakar, R.E.Goodson and S.J.Citron, Transaction ASME journal of dynamic system, Measurement and control, June, 1977, pp 109–117
  • “Optimal cotton mixing”, C.M.K. Selvaraj, R.Prabhakar, S.R.K. Prasad, ORSI convention, Kanpur, India, Dec 8-10, 1983
  • “Budgeting in a textile industry with Cash constraints”, C.M.K. Selvaraj, R.Prabhakar, S.R.K. Prasad, IFORS annual convention, Washington, D.C 1984, pp 1007–1021.
  • “Goal programming for man power planning in a textile mill “,C.M.K. Selvaraj, R.Prabhakar, S.R.K. Prasad, Asia Pacific journal of Operations Research, Singapore May 1985.
  • “Project management on microcomputers”, R.Prabhakar, S.R.K. Prasad, G.Subramanian, Eurox, Yugoslavia, June 1990.
  • “OR and Rule based expert system”, R.Prabhakar, S.R.K. Prasad, OR and social science, edited by M.C. Jackson, et-al, Plenum publishing corporation, USA, 1989.
  • “OR, AI and micros – paper presented at AITA,1991, the first national conference on AI technology and applications, University of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 1991.
  • "Web Technology applied to Students Administration System - a case study ", R. Prabhakar, S. R .K. Prasad and P. Sivakumar, paper presented at School of Engineering, University of Minko, Guimaraes, Portugal in 2004.


Prabakar is a Contract Bridge enthusiast. During his days at IIT Madras he was an active Bridge player. He follows Indian politics.


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