Raa Middle School

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Raa Middle School 0092
Established 1959
Type Public coeducational secondary
Principal Giselle Marsh
Students 1,087[1]
Grades 6-8
Location Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Colors Blue, gold, and white
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Mascot Rams
Website http://www.raa.leon.k12.fl.us/

Raa Middle School
Coordinates 30°26′41.5″N 84°16′29″W / 30.444861°N 84.27472°W / 30.444861; -84.27472Coordinates: 30°26′41.5″N 84°16′29″W / 30.444861°N 84.27472°W / 30.444861; -84.27472
Architect T.A. Monk, M. Leo Elliot
Architectural style Mission/Spanish Revival
Governing body Local government
NRHP Reference # 93000982
Added to NRHP September 21, 1993

Raa Middle School (also known as Augusta Raa Middle School) is a public, coeducational middle school built in 1959 in Tallahassee, Florida.

Raa Middle School became a performing arts magnet school in the 2008-09 school year. Students have a choice of drama, band and other performing arts activities.

Dress Code[edit]

  • Dress Code: Students should dress appropriately for school. Students whose clothing does not meet the following dress code expectations will be given the opportunity to (1)have a principal or designee make a determination as to appropriateness; (2)correct the dress code violation by borrowing from the office (when available);or (3) contacting a parent for assistance.
  • Boys:·Shirts and tops (including athletic jerseys) are to be tucked in except for sweatshirts,sweaters. Prohibited are shirts that are too short to be tucked in and shirts which are too long to be tucked in. · Pants are to be worn with waistline of pants being over the buttocks at all times. Saggy,baggy pants are not allowed. Belts are to be worn through belt loops so as to keep the pants at the waistline. Students who consistently wear pants and shirts per the dress code and whose pants stay in place without a belt may receive an exemption to the belt rule.
  • Girls:Shirts and tops must be school-appropriate meaning, specifically, no see-through materials, no extremely tight clothing, beachwear, pajamas, spaghetti straps,strapless tops or strapless dresses, halter tops or halter dresses, low-cut tops or low-cut dresses. Sleeveless tops must measure 3” at the shoulders. Tops with wide necklines that lay off the shoulder are not permitted. No cleavage,underwear of any kind (including bra straps) or midriff (with arms up or down)is permitted.· Skirts/dresses/shorts must be of modest length with fingertips touching the bottom of the garment when arms are dropped to the side. Tights or leggings require a covering which extends to the fingertip length as well. Long skirts or dresses are safety hazards and are not allowed. High heels are not allowed.
  • Boys and Girls:· Clothing maynot have holes above the knee unless full leg coverings are worn underneath. · Students maynot write on clothing or skin. · Bedroomshoes/slippers are not allowed.· Hats and headcoverings are not permitted on campus. Special exceptions for weatherconditions will be announced. Religious exemptions are to be requested, in writing,from a parent. · Sunglassesmay not be worn in classrooms, hallways, or other indoor spaces.· Items, whenworn together, are usually indicative of gang memberships, or apparel thatcontains a message that is obscene, racist, or promotes illegal activities,drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products is not permitted on school grounds or atschool functions.10. All studentswill be issued a locker. Lockers are the property of the school. Lockers, as well as the contents, may be searched for probable cause. Students are expectedto provide a combination lock or key lock for the locker issued to them andprovide the combination/extra key to their homeroom teacher. For safetyreasons, lockers cannot be shared. 11. Studentsare not allowed to buy or sell any item(s) on campus. This includes fundraisingitems. Monies collected for fundraisers will be received through the PayStation at announced times. 12. Studentsmay use a computer only under the following conditions: a. Bothparent and student have signed and returned the Raa Computer Access UsagePolicy. b. Usagemay occur only in a supervised area.13. Items of anon-instructional nature are to be left at home. Items of this nature found at school will beconfiscated and returned to a parent, not to the student. Confiscated cellphones will be held for 24 hours. Theschool is not responsible for items brought in violation to this rule. 14. Although clearly outlined in the Code ofConduct, it is hereby stated again: a. Noitem that is a weapon, could be considered to be a weapon, or intended toappear or function as a weapon is allowed. (This includes, but is not limitedto: guns, toy guns, knives of any description, size or shape, mace/pepper sprayof any size, laser pointers, chains, metal rods, large sticks, razors, etc.). TheAdministration will seek expulsion of the student for these offenses. b. Nodrugs, tobacco products, lighters, or matches may be brought on campus, used oncampus, sold on campus, or purchased on campus. It is the policy and practice of this administration to administer theseverest available penalty for violations.15. Students may not leave the campus after 8:45 a.m. unless properly signed out by school personnel.Students whoviolate this will be considered skipping school. Parents maynot give verbal or written permission for a student to leave thecampus. The parent/guardian must be physically present to sign the student outof school. Telephone requests will notbe honored. In addition, failure to follow dismissal procedures will be consideredskipping.16. It should be clearly understoodthat we will not tolerate any degree of violence, intimidation, or bullying.Our students, faculty, and staff have the right to experience a safe andorderly environment

Past Principals At Raa[edit]

Donna Callaway: (1994-2004)-Donna Callaway began her professional career in education as a high school English teacher at Rickards High School in Tallahassee. She graduated from Florida State University in 1961 with a Bachelor of Science degree in English Education. In 1985 she received her Master's Degree in Library and Information Studies and received an Advanced Master's Degree in Library and Information Studies with certification in Reading and Administration in 1988.Under Ms. Callaway's leadership as Principal, Raa Middle School in Tallahassee has earned a school grade of "A" consecutively since 2000 and made Adequate Yearly Progress last year. She has served on the Tallahassee Community College Board of Trustees since 1999 and is active with the Tallahassee Symphony and the Florida State University Alumni Association and Golden Chiefs.


Mrs. Giselle Marsh is the current principal of Raa as of the 2013-14 school year.


The school's colors are blue and yellow, and their team mascot is the Ram. Raa Middle School offers to its students the opportunity to play:

flag football, football, soccer, cross country, volleyball, softball, and track and field.

Our Generation's Heroes[edit]

In 2002, "Our Generation's Heroes," a book written by eighth grade students about the stories of people involved in World War II, was published. It started as an assignment for Kathy Corder's social studies class.[1]

2004 Fire[edit]

On October 23, 2004, there were several fires set at the school which caused extensive damage (approximately $350,000) to the gym and two classrooms. According to one account, the student who set fire to the school had received threats from fellow students who claimed they would "beat him up". He reportedly lit the fires so that he would not have to go to school.[2][3]


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