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ROL (Raajjé Online)
Industry Telecommunications
Founded February 20, 2003
Headquarters Malé, Maldives
Products Internet
Web Hosting
Streaming audio
Streaming video
Slogan internet the way it's meant to be
Website www.rol.net.mv

Raajjé[1] Online (ROL) (Dhivehi: ރާއްޖެ އޮންލައިން) is the brand name for broadband internet services provided by Focus Infocom Private Limited.

Corporate information[edit]

Focus Infocom Private Limited is the first 100% private Internet service provider in the Maldives and was incorporated in February 2003. The company was issued a license for the provision and operation of commercial internet services on May 2003. Focus Infocom commenced its internet services, under the brand name Raajje Online, on December 2003.


ROL internet services was initially delivered using fixed and wireless (nomadic/mobile) radio technology.

Investor Relations[edit]

Technical Partners[edit]

  • SingTel - Providing international Internet backbone connectivity, V-SAT and other IP services
  • Ooredoo Maldives - Partner in Submarine optic Fibre Cable system and provision of microwave backhaul connectivity to islands.
  • Reliance Infocom (India) - Partner in the implementation of submarine optic fibre cable system
  • Smart Bridges Singapore -Provision of Wireless Radio Systems
  • Local cable operators - Provision of HFC network Capacity for Distribution of Internet
  • Sky Pilot Networks (USA)



  1. ^ Raajjé(Dhivehi:ރާއްޖެ) means Maldives or Nation in Dhivehi language
  2. ^ Haveeru. "Gayoom inaugurates WARF Submarine Cable link between Maldives, India", Haveeru Daily, 2007-03-17. Retrieved on 2008-05-24.

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