Rabbit Seasoning

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Rabbit Seasoning
Merrie Melodies (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck) series
Title card
Directed by Charles M. Jones
Produced by Eddie Selzer
Story by Michael Maltese
Voices by Mel Blanc
Arthur Q. Bryan (uncredited)
Music by Carl W. Stalling
Animation by Ken Harris
Lloyd Vaughan
Ben Washam
Layouts by Maurice Noble
Backgrounds by Philip DeGuard
Studio Warner Bros. Cartoons
The Vitaphone Corporation
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s) September 20, 1952 (USA)
Color process Technicolor
Running time 7:00
Language English
Preceded by Oily Hare (Bugs) / Cracked Quack (Daffy)
Followed by Rabbit's Kin (Bugs) / The Super Snooper (Daffy)

Rabbit Seasoning is a 1952 Merrie Melodies cartoon, directed by Chuck Jones, and starring Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. It is the sequel to Rabbit Fire, and the second entry in the "Hunting trilogy" directed by Jones and written by Michael Maltese. (The only major difference in format between Rabbit Fire and Rabbit Seasoning is that the former takes place during the spring, while the latter takes place in autumn. The third cartoon, Duck! Rabbit, Duck!, takes place in the winter.) Produced by Edward Selzer for Warner Bros. Cartoons, Inc., the short was released to theaters on September 20, 1952 by Warner Bros. Pictures and is widely considered among Jones' best and most important films. In Jerry Beck's 1994 book The 50 Greatest Cartoons, Rabbit Seasoning is listed at number thirty.


The cartoon finds a row of signs saying it's rabbit season ("If you're looking for fun, you don't need a reason. All you need is a gun, it's Rabbit Season!"). It is revealed that Daffy Duck is the one putting up the signs even through it's really duck season.

Elmer Fudd then appears and pokes his gun into the hole, but Bugs Bunny appears out the other side and begins a conversation with Elmer. Disgusted by this, Daffy comes back and tells Elmer that since it's duck season he has to "shoot me now!" Bugs and Daffy begin arguing over which season it actually is, but since it's really duck season Daffy commands Elmer to shoot him now and as a result gets shot multiple times which changes the way his head looks. Eventually Elmer grows impatient and begins firing at them both. Bugs and Daffy hide in Bugs' hole where the former dresses up as a woman (wearing a Lana Turner-style sweater). He manages to fool Elmer briefly, but when Daffy removes his wig Bugs' identity is exposed. Daffy commands Elmer to shoot him (at home) one last time. He comes back to Bugs and says, "You're despicable."[1]


Rabbit Seasoning is currently available on both Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 1 and Looney Tunes: Spotlight Collection.


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