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This article is about right tributary of the Anterior Rhine. For left tributary of the Plessur, see Rabiosa (river).
The Rabiusa

Bärenhorn Mountains in Hinterrhein,

46°35′3″N 9°14′44″E / 46.58417°N 9.24556°E / 46.58417; 9.24556Coordinates: 46°35′3″N 9°14′44″E / 46.58417°N 9.24556°E / 46.58417; 9.24556

Confluence with Anterior Rhine in the Versam Gorge,

46°48′16″N 9°19′49″E / 46.80444°N 9.33028°E / 46.80444; 9.33028
Progression Anterior RhineRhineNorth Sea
Basin countries Switzerland
Location Safien
Length 32.5 km (20.2 mi)
Right tributaries Carnusbach

The Rabiusa (Romansh: Rabiosa,[1] i.e. "Raging", in the local German dialect Rii,[2] i.e. "Rhine") is a 32 km long tributary of the Rhine. The river originates in the district Hinterrhein in the canton of Graubünden, in the mountains surrounding the Bärenhorn (2929 m), where the old bridle path from Safien to Splügen crosses the Safierberg Pass (2486 m). It then flows through the wooded Safien valley and into the rough Versam Gorge, where it is spanned by the Versam Gorge Bridge. The confluence with the Anterior Rhine is located in the equally deep Ruinaulta.

The Carnusbach flows into the Rabiusa in a hamlet above the village of Safien-Platz.

The Walser village of Safien is the only municipality on the river.


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