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RaceConflicts Logo.png
Engine PHP, AJAX
Platform(s) Web browser
Release date(s) 2004
Genre(s) Turn-Based strategy text-based MMO
Distribution Internet

RaceConflicts is a massively multiplayer online browser-based strategy game that takes place in a fantasy world populated by orcs, gnomes, humans, undead, elves, nightelves, dwarfs and demons. The game is heavily oriented to single player and city-building style.

Raceconflicts went live in August 2004.

The game has been heavily criticized for the long learning curve required to effectively play the game and for the lack of a detailed manual. A lot of useful information can be found directly in the in-game pop-up tips and probably that's why the producers did not bother to write an in depth manual.

The game has its own time, seasons, weather, and a fully developed universe, still growing and expanding. The player will start with few resources, but a wide range of possibilities. His actions define the development, and the gameplay experience thus varies from one player to another. Other things you have to take care of are gods, religion, health, food production, mercs, spies, and various army and city upgrades.

Certain parts of the game are not available from the beginning and they get unlocked at later levels. All players share the same server and the game never ends.


The game mostly is text based with no animations or other graphical interaction. Every player upon entering Raceconflicts has to choose between 8 races: orcs, gnomes, humans, undead, elves, nightelves, dwarfs and demons and then they will start with a small kingdom. The kingdom initially has almost no buildings and some features are locked till the player is of a higher level thus being more experienced.[1] Firstly the kingdom will need houses so that immigrants can have a place to stay.[2] Those immigrants can be hired to do a variety of things such as: work on fields to generate gold, food, wood and stone, be hired as scientists, be hired to the health, engineering or religion department or trained to become soldiers. Previously other buildings can be bought with gold, wood and stone to unlock other type of weapons / armors / units / features.[3]


The player's Hero will gain experience points every time a victory is obtained or by leading a very advanced and pacifistic kingdom. When the hero gains enough experience points he will advance in level. Everything in this game depends on the hero's level like, how many buildings a player can build, availability of some game functions and how quick a research will progress.

At first a player gains levels pretty fast but later, at higher levels, you need months of play to gain a new level. What some people like it, some don't is the experience gained every turn by having an advanced kingdom. This experience may force you to advance even if you don't want to. The fix the producers found is to advance a level only if you win a battle no matter how much experience you gain every turn. If a person don't want to advance all he has to do is to not attack anybody and he will stay at same level as long as he pleases.[4]


The hero is the central pillar of the whole kingdom development. He gains experience by winning in battle or by ruling a very prosper and advanced city. The hero has some attributes like agility, strength, perception, charisma, endurance and luck which affect the starting skill points. Skill points greatly affect all aspects of the game from offense and defense of player's army, soldier recruitment price till reduced costs for forging or buying weapons, more efficient workers and so on.


Research is how you learn new technologies for your kingdom, you do this by obtaining research points through hiring scientist, and use them to level up the individual technologies. With each additional level the research point requirement of the technology will increase, as well as the requirements of the games other resources such as gold, wood, or stone. Scientist and research points are a must to advance your kingdom and continue growing. It its possible for players to interfere with research by utilizing the espionage mechanics to steal or halt research progress.

Technologies can be divided among several categories, grouping them together by what general aspect of your kingdom they enhance. Individual technologies will focus on a particular unit, resource, or other aspect of kingdom management. Focusing research efforts on technologies can be costly in both time and resources, but can result in bonuses of 50% - 100% to the involved technology. It is highly advisable to obtain levels in the research point technology under Miscellaneous to maximize its benefits.

The categories are: Army, which focuses on your kingdoms attack and defense; Spy research, which is tied to the espionage mechanics; Economy which is centered on increasing the types of resource income you can obtain; City Improvement, which gives general bonus to a kingdom; Engineering, which affects a kingdoms life; and Miscellaneous, which contains bonuses that may be difficult to categorize.


Raceconflicts is a game designed to be played forever with no ending in sight. Players will want to advance in levels, develop their kingdom, research new technologies, build massive armies in order to become invincible and high ranked.

A ranking system exists and players can see on what position they currently are in a large amount of aspects of the game. There is also a global ranking system and all top players are listed there.[5]

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