Race Bank wind farm

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Race Bank Wind Farm
Race Bank wind farm is located in England
Race Bank wind farm
Location of Race Bank Wind Farm in England
Country England, United Kingdom
Location 27km off the coast of north Norfolk
Coordinates 53°16′34″N 0°50′28″E / 53.276°N 0.841°E / 53.276; 0.841Coordinates: 53°16′34″N 0°50′28″E / 53.276°N 0.841°E / 53.276; 0.841
Status consented
Wind farm
Type Offshore
Power generation
Nameplate capacity up to 580 MW
Race Bank (Dong Energy)

Race Bank Wind Farm is a proposed 580 MW Round 2 offshore wind farm located 27 km north of Blakeney Point off the coast of Norfolk, and 28 km east of Chapel St Leonards off the Lincolnshire coast in the North Sea.


In 2002 the UK government designated the Greater Wash strategic area as potential offshore wind farm development region.[1] In 2004, Centrica was awarded a lease by The Crown Estate during the Round 2 wind farm leasing process to develop a wind farm on Race Bank. The wind farm site was located on a sandbank approximately 27 kilometres (17 mi) north of the north Northfolk coast, and 28 kilometres (17 mi) east of the Lincolnshire coast, with an estimated maximum capacity of 620 MW. The scheme was developed in association with AMEC and the RES Group. The wind farm was to connect to the National Grid at Walpole, together with two of Centrica's other Round 2 wind farms, Lincs Wind Farm and Docking Shoal Wind Farm.[2][note 1]

In 2009 Centrica submitted a planning consent application for a wind farm of up 620 MW capacity.[4] The proposed wind farm covered an area of 75 square kilometres (29 sq mi) at water depths of 4 to 22 metres (13 to 72 ft).[5]

In July 2012 the government gave planning approval for Centrica to construct a wind farm to the capacity of 580 MW.[6]

In November 2013 the project failed to be shortlisted for early contract for difference subsidies from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, putting the future of the project in doubt; in December 2013, Centrica sold the project to DONG Energy for £50 million.[7][8]

Turnkey supply and installation of electrical equipment for the farm was awwarded to RXPE (China) in 2015.[9]

As of May 2014, Dong Energy estimated that onshore construction will begin in spring 2015 at the earliest, followed by offshore construction in spring 2016.[10]


  1. ^ Lincs, Docking Shoal and Race Bank wind farms were to share the same onshore cable export route, and onshore substation.[1] The environmental statement for the onshore works was submitted as part of the Lincs Wind Farm application.[3]


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