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Rachel Galvin is an American actress, writer and editor who has performed and worked in Colorado, Los Angeles, and South Florida.

Theater Actor[edit]

Galvin began her career in the Colorado area, training with acting coach Bill Smith at The Acting Studio.[1]

She was in many plays in Colorado and Los Angeles. In Florida, she was in the musical "Beware The Eyes Of Mars," playing three roles: Miss Pussywillow, Galaxy Operator and a hippie.[2]

Film Actor[edit]

She moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, having featured roles in several films and television shows, including Babylon 5 (TV series) in the episode "Paragon of Animals" as an enphili refugee.[3] She also was featured in several productions, including Halloween H20: 20 Years Later and Power Rangers. She also was seen in Damon Packard's Early 70's Horror Trailer[4] and in The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show[5]

She went on to do several independent films in Florida, including features "Film Contest?" and "Elixir." She was a lead in many short films, including, "Someone Special" [6]"It's Happening", "Intersect", "Life Worth Living", "End of the Living", "The Delivery", "Refusal",[7] "Faded", "Lockbox", "Wrong Turn", Casting Call", "Final, Job","End of the Living," "Lucky Streak & the Crimefighters",[8] "Repugnant Verocity," "Trap" (as voiceover)"6th Day" and "Frozen Styph". She was in the web series "Absolution".[9] A full resume is listed on www.imdb.com.[10]

She did several commercials for BocaRaton.com.[11]


In Los Angeles, she worked as a talent coordinator for ESI KIDZ, now called The ESI Network.,[12] working with young actors who have gone on to have a career of their own, such as Malcom David Kelley[13] who appeared in the TV show Lost.

Tour Guide[edit]

She also worked at Universal Studios as a tram tour guide.[13]


She produced a webisode called "The Insight" for BocaRaton.com.[14] The show is a three-host format discussing ideas about Law of Attraction, Holistic Health, Forgive & Forget and more.


She moved to South Florida and began a career as a writer, working with various publications, including as a theater critic for the New Times. A full list of New Times Broward Palm Beach articles can be found online.[15] Highlights include:

She was also a theater critic for Talkin' Broadway. Highlights include:

  • Amadeus at The Mosaic Theater[24]
  • Necessary Targets at Lehman Theater[25]

She has written about art for Art of the Times[26] and Cultural Quarterly,[27] among others.

She has her own column in DUO Magazine talking about film, as well as writing additional articles.[28]

She has written about Kettlebells for Dragon Door[29][30] and their magazine Hard Style.

She was lead writer (editor) for In the Biz Magazine and [31] and is assistant editor and school editor at Deerfield Observer.[32]

She has written for Coral Springs & Parkland City News about various topics, including business profiles,[33] about events,[33] about beauty[34] and restaurants,[35] among others. She has had her own fashion blog called Let's Talk Fashion.[36]

She has written about many celebrities like Julian Lennon [37] and Jane Russell [38] for publications like Edit International, a wire service. She also wrote about Jackie Evancho [39]

AUTHOR: She has written her own 184-page book on the acting industry entitled "Basics of the Biz: A Holistic Approach to Becoming an Actor"[40]


She worked on several independent projects as a producer but took on a directorial debut, starring in a short film called To Mine Own Self Be True,[41] which was shown twice in 2005 at Screamfest.

On-line Publisher[edit]

Galvin is the publisher for Independent Streak Magazine (www.independentstreakmagazine.com)[42] and is the founder of a social networking portal and blog (IndependentStreak.Ning.Com).[7]


Galvin is also a photographer. She took photos of FTL MODA, a fashion show held in January 2007 in Ft. Lauderdale.[43]


She is a frequent host on ObserverTV.[44] Video is available at www.observernewspaperonline.com.[45]

She has her own radio shows on blog talk radio: IndieStreak [46] in which she interviews filmmakers and Basics of the Biz [47] in which she talks about the acting industry. She was nominated for a Women in the Arts Award for Best Web Show [48] and won Web Radio Show of the Year.[46][49] She has interviewed many guests, including hosting guru and coach, Marki Costello[50]

She interviewed filmmakers on the red carpet at the Palm Beach International Film Festival for BocaRaton.com. Video is available on www.bocaraton.com.[51]

She was a guest reporter on CityTV25's program "In the Loop.",[52] on BocaRaton.com.[53] She was also can be seen in a segment on the French Film Festival at Cinema Paradiso.[54]

She was a guest host for the podcast KoreNewMedia.com[55]

She was a host for podcast KoreMovies.com as well as a guest host on KoreNews.com.[56]


Galvin was the illustrator for "Davy Jones & the Heart of Darkness",[57] which tells the creation myth about Davy Jones' Locker.


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