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Private company
Industry Performing Equipment,
Founded 1996
Founder Terry Yang
Headquarters Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, Shenzhen, China
Key people
Terry Yang (Chairman)
Products Flightcase, Portable Stage, Truss, Sport bleacher, Pipe and drape
Services Manufacturing, designing.
Number of employees
1,200 (2012)
Website Official website
Traditional Chinese 雷克演出器材有限公司
Simplified Chinese 雷克演出器材有限公司
Literal meaning Rackinthecases Performing Equipments Corporation Limited

Rackinthecases Rackinthecases is a company headquartered in Shenzhen, China and with its oversea sales offices in Singapore and Australia. It mainly deals with performing equipments and flight containers.

Rackinthecases is an active player in the industry of performing equipments with a wide product line, including flight cases, portable stage, truss, pipe & drape, sports bleacher and relevant accessories. It has sold products and provided services to customers in over 100 countries so far.

Company Name[edit]

It is formerly called RK or Rack in the cases. To be more globalized, the company decides to change its name to Rackinthecases.


Rackinthecases was established by Terry Yang in 1996 in Shenzhen, China. To strengthen its competitiveness, the company has invested for three factories with a total staff number of 1200. In 2008, Rackinthecases became a subsidy of the Blue Giant Group, which was established in the June of 2008.[1] In 2011, Rackinthecases has established its first oversea subsidy in Singapore, laying a solid foundation for its process of globalization.[2] The company decides to launch its second oversea subsidy in Australia due to continuous and sustainable demands.[3]

Products and Service[edit]


Since its establishment in 1996, flight cases are the main products of Rackinthecases. The company first sells DJ cases only, but later the product line is expanded to Aluminum cases, ABS cases, light cases, rack cases and so on. In Oct, 2012, a kind of new cases was introduced, with a dimension (cm):155.7 x 55.6 x 133.6 and weight (kg): 117.2 kg. SPAM

Portable Stage[edit]

Portable stage is the second most important products in Rackinthecases after flight case. This series was introduced by the company in 1998. Up to now, the product line is enriched with the introduction of folding stage, steel stage, smart stages and dance floor.


Truss in Rackinthecases are mainly made from aluminum and steel.

Pipe and Drape[edit]

Pipe and Drape from Rackinthecases is a little different from the main products in the market. Each of the pipes has two joints, which permits convenient transportation and easy adjustment.

Sports Bleacher[edit]

Sports bleacher is the newly added products in the catalogue.


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