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Rada in the The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in 1966

Rada Rassimov (born Rada Đerasimović (Serbian Cyrillic: Рада Ђерасимовић) in 1938, Trieste) is an Italian actress of Serb origin, who has appeared in film since the early 1960s and television since 1975.

Born to Serbian parents, Velimir and Vera Đerasimović (née Petrijević), she attended, along with her two brothers, the Serbian Jovan Miletić Grammar School in Trieste where her father was the dean and teacher since 1927. Later, she went to university and took acting classes with her brother Ivan in Rome. Her career was at its peak in the 1960s and 1970s although she has appeared in film as recently as 2003. She is perhaps best known in world cinema for her appearance in Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Western the The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in 1966 in which she played the role of the prostitute, Maria, beaten by Lee Van Cleef.

Since 1975 she has worked predominantly on Italian television. She now lives in Paris.

Her brother Ivan Rassimov, who died in a motorcycle accident in 2003, was also an actor. She has a younger brother, Milorad (born in 1945), now a retired music professor still living in Trieste.


  • Lost Love, played Clara Pasini, 2003
  • Russicum - I giorni del diavolo, 1988
  • Gli angeli del potere (TV movie), 1988
  • Un caso d'incoscienza (TV movie), 1984
  • La freccia nel fianco (TV mini-series), 1983
  • Quartetto Basileus, played Madame Finkal, 1983
  • Mein Bruder und ich, played Evira Fioretti (TV movie), 1982
  • Orient-Express (TV mini-series), 1982
  • Wanda, 1980
  • Bel Ami (TV mini-series), 1979
  • Allegro barbaro, 1979
  • Hungarian Rhapsody, 1979
  • Processo a Maria Tarnowska (TV mini-series), 1977
  • Un uomo curioso, played Luisa (TV movie), 1975
  • Michel Strogoff (fr), played Sangarre in seven episodes (TV mini-series), 1975
  • L'olandese scomparso (TV mini-series), 1975
  • Grandeur nature, played Isabelle, 1974
  • Kidnap, played Marta, 1974
  • Il tempo dell'inizio, 1974
  • Witchcraft of the City, 1974
  • Die rote Kapelle, played Margarete Barcza (TV series), 1973
  • Das Spiel ist aus, 1972
  • Der neue Mann, 1972
  • Das Netz zerreißt, 1972
  • Kent ruft Direktor, 1972
  • Die Geschäfte des Grand Chef, 1972
  • Baron Blood, played Chrisitna Hoffmann, 1972
  • A cuore freddo, played Silvana, 1971
  • The Cat o' Nine Tails, played Bianca Merusi, 1971
  • La grande scrofa nera (it), played Anita, 1971
  • Necropolis, 1970
  • Der Leone Have Sept Cabeças, played Marlene, 1970
  • Django the Bastard, 1969
  • Il seme dell'uomo, 1969
  • Quel caldo maledetto giorno di fuoco, played Mrs. Treble, 1969
  • Non aspettare Django, played Mary Foster, 1967
  • Hipnos follia di massacro, 1967
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, played Maria, 1966
  • Per il gusto di uccidere, 1966
  • I maniaci, played Rosette, 1964
  • Sfida al re di Castiglia, 1964
  • Una tragedia americana, played La signora Brent (TV mini-series), 1962

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