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Dr Radha Modgil is a GP and medical television presenter, radio broadcaster and health writer. She is a GP and medical presenter, best known for her work on the Channel 5 show 'Live with...' and 'Vanessa Show', the Channel 4 show The Sex Education Show and the BBC series 'Make My Body Younger'. She has appeared on ITV's This Morning's Health Alert and BBC Breakfast on BBC One. She appeared in the BBC's Body Beautiful Season, 'Dying for Clear Skin' (BBC Three) and in 'Chasing the Saturdays' (E!). She is featured on the BBC Learning web pages giving health advice. She is a weekly columnist for Woman's Own magazine, MSN Lifestyle and comments for other magazines. She is a resident doctor for the Radio One 'The Surgery with Aled and Dr Radha' every Sunday night and has broadcast on LBC and BBC Local Radio. She is involved in BBC Radio 1's Teen Hero Awards in 2013.

Early life[edit]

Modgil's father is Indian; her mother is English.[1]

Media career[edit]

Modgil appeared in BBC One's 'City Hospital' in 2004 whilst working in St Thomas' Hospital's A&E department and went on, in 2008, to present in BBC Three's "Make My Body Younger' Series 1 & 2, in which she gave lifestyle and drugs advice to twenty-somethings as their live-in doctor.[2] She has since appeared as the medical presenter in Series 1–5 of Channel 4's 'The Sex Education Show'[3] 2008–2011. She has appeared on The Vanessa Show, Channel Five as a medical expert.[4] She was the resident GP for the popular Channel 5 show 'Live with...' for the entire run of the show where she answered live phone-ins, reported on medical issues and discussed heath headline.[5] She has appeared on ITV's This Morning as a medical expert on their Health Alert.[6] She has also appeared on BBC Breakfast on BBC One discussing topical health subjects.[7] She has also given interviews for ITN News,[8] BBC Radio Oxford, The Daily Mail,[9] The Times Educational Supplement,[10] Female First[11] and as a weekly body expert with Bliss Online.[12] She continues to comment for magazines such as Top Sante, Red Magazine and websites. She has recently become the weekly columnist for Woman's Own magazine[13] and MSN Lifestyle Health.[14] She blogs for the Huffington Post.[15] Her latest TV appearance is for 'Dying for Clear Skin' part of BBC Three's 'Body Beautiful' season which tackles acne.[16] She has also appeared as herself in 'Chasing the Saturdays' on E! as their doctor. She is a resident doctor on BBC Radio One's 'The Surgery with Aled and Dr Radha' every Sunday night and has broadcast on LBC Radio.

Medical career[edit]

Modgil studied at Cambridge University and Imperial College London and graduated in 2003 with Honours. She then trained in a range of specialties in hospital, including A&E, cardiology, palliative care, cancer medicine, HIV, sexual health and general medicine. She completed her training in general practice in 2009 and currently works as a NHS GP as well as teaching medical students and in acute care.

Television appearances[edit]

  • City Hospital, BBC One, 2004
  • ITN News at Ten, 2010
  • Make My Body Younger, BBC Three Series 1, 2008
  • Make My Body Younger, BBC Three Series 2, 2009
  • The Sex Education Show, Channel 4, 2008
  • The Sex Education Show vs Pornography, Channel 4, 2009
  • The Sex Education Show: Am I Normal?, Channel 4, 2010
  • The Sex Education Show: Stop Pimping Our Kids, Channel 4, 2011
  • The Vanessa Show, Channel Five, 2011
  • Live with ..., Channel Five, 2011–2012
  • Dying for Clear Skin, BBC Three 2012
  • Chasing the Saturdays, E! 2013
  • BBC Learning; Remove the Taboo, Mental Health Season 2013
  • BBC Breakfast, BBC One 2013
  • ITV's This Morning Health Alert 2013

Radio broadcasting[edit]

Medical Writing[edit]

Charity and health promotion[edit]

Modgil is involved with Cancer Research UK as a GP Advisor as well as having worked with MIND as a Mental Health Media BAFTA Award Judge.[17] She has contributed to the British Heart Foundation 'Food for Thought" campaign against childhood obesity,[18] the Mouth Cancer Foundation website[19] as well as anti-smoking advice on the BBC Learning Zone website. She is the Ambassador for A Child of Mine campaign to help bereaved parents.[20]

Medical boards and speaking[edit]

Modgil is on the BMA's GP Advisory Panel and was the guest speaker at the Isle of Wight NHS Sexual Health Conference in May 2011.[21] She also does consultancy work and guest events, promoting public health campaigns and awareness.


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