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Radhashtami' is a Hindu holy day commemorating the birth anniversary of Radha, the lover-consort of the god Krishna. It is celebrated maninly by devotees of Krishna.

Traditionally, followers of Gaudiya Vaisnavism will follow a half-day fast on this day. Like Ekadashi, some devotees observe this fast for full day & some even without water. The holiday is an important holiday for followers of the Nimbarka sampradaya. On this day, devotees of Krishna ask Radha for her favour, in turn acquire Krishna's grace.

Radhashtami is ceremoniously celebrated in the Brij area. On Radhastami, Radha Krishna icons are traditionally dressed entirely in flowers. Additionally, Radhashtami is the only day on which devotees may receive darshan of Radha's feet. On all other days, they remain covered.

Devotees will fast until noon and sing devotional songs in praise of the divine couple and their pastimes. Then a feast is served, most often including the Radha Red — a spicy, plum chutney.

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