Radian (band)

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Origin Vienna, Austria
Genres IDM
Years active 1996 to present
Labels Thrill Jockey
Associated acts Trapist, Snoww Crystal

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Members Martin Brandlmayr
John Norman
Martin Siewert
Past members Stefan Németh

Radian is an Austrian experimental music group.

Their music touches on instrumental rock, post-rock, jazz and electronica, and is notable for imitating some of the more demanding musical structures of intelligent dance music.

The trio was formed in 1996, in Vienna.


  • 1996-2011

Martin Brandlmayr: drums, vibraphone, editing and arrangement

Stefan Nemeth: synthesizer, guitars

John Norman: bass

  • 2011-

Martin Brandlmayr: drums, vibraphone, electronics, editing and arrangement

Martin Siewert: guitar, electronics

John Norman: bass


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