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Radical Face is a musical act consisting of Ben Cooper (born c.1982), a resident of Jacksonville, Florida, who also makes up one-half of Electric President and Iron Orchestra and one third of Mother's Basement. The name Radical Face was chosen after seeing it on a flyer. He later found out it was a plastic surgery flyer saying 'Radical Face-Lift' with the word 'lift' ripped off.[1]

On November 16, 2010, Cooper released a six-track EP titled Touch The Sky,[2] which serves as an appetizer for an announced trilogy of albums called Family Tree. Leading up to the release of The Roots, The Bastards: Volume One EP was released track by track. The first album, titled The Roots, was released on October 4, 2011. In August The Roots was accidentally released to users outside of the US on iTunes. The Roots will be followed by The Branches and The Leaves.[3]

Clone, an album by Ben Cooper and Richard Colado, was announced to be released through Bear Machine Records and available by fall of 2012.[4] In September, 2012, it was announced that the record was delayed and will be released in January, 2013.[5] As of Summer 2014, Clone has not been released, although mock-up images of 'laser-engraved crystal thumb drives' planned as an alternative medium for the album, were posted on the Radial Face website [6]


The Junkyard Chandelier[edit]

Ben Cooper's first album to be recorded under the Radical Face pseudonym was The Junkyard Chandelier (2003). The album was never formally released but has since been available as a free download online.

Track listing
  1. "Stitches In My Side" - 3:27
  2. "The Scarecrows Are Marching" - 4:51
  3. "Martyr" - 3:47
  4. "Chewing Bottles" - 5:14
  5. "Junkyard Chandelier" - 6:19
  6. "Paper Birds" - 4:25
  7. "Fog In The House Of Lightbulbs" - 6:38
  8. "Runs In The Sidewalk" - 5:36
  9. "Confidants And Fish Hooks" - 4:59
  10. "Pockets Full Of Ink" - 5:20
  11. "Burning Bridges" - 3:13

Touch The Sky EP[edit]

Touch The Sky is an EP released in 2010 to bridge the gap between Ghost and The Family Tree Trilogy.

Track listing
  1. "Welcome Home (EP Version) - 4:47
  2. "Glory (Acoustic)" - 4:34
  3. "Doorways" - 3:00
  4. "A Little Hell" - 2:13
  5. "The Deserter's Song" - 4:55
  6. "Welcome Home (Reprise)" - 2:29

The Bastards - Volume One EP[edit]

The EP was released on August 19, 2011, and is the first of a number of free EPs over the course of the Family Tree project, all of them part of a series called "The Bastards". It was made available via the Radical Face website as a free download.

Track listing
  1. "All Is Well (It's Only Blood) - 2:45
  2. "All Is Well (Goodbye, Goodbye)" - 4:05
  3. "We're On Our Way" - 4:08

The Family Tree: The Roots[edit]

This album was released in October 2011 and is the first album of three in the Family Tree project that follows the tale of a fictional family, the Northcotes, through its generations. It is dedicated to the first two generations of the Northcotes' family tree and is narratively based in the 1800s.[7] A Deluxe Version was released specifically for iTunes that included the three tracks from the The Bastards - Volume One EP.

Track listing
  1. "Names" - 1:15
  2. "A Pound of Flesh" - 3:35
  3. "Family Portrait" - 4:40
  4. "Black Eyes" - 4:44
  5. "Severus and Stone" - 4:28
  6. "The Moon Is Down" - 3:18
  7. "Ghost Towns" - 3:54
  8. "Kin" - 4:04
  9. "The Dead Waltz" - 5:23
  10. "Always Gold" - 5:56
  11. "Mountains" - 4:51

The Family Tree: The Branches[edit]

On November 17, 2010, Ben Cooper announced that the next album in the Family Tree trilogy would be called The Family Tree: The Branches.[8] On May 18, 2013, Ben Cooper wrote on his website, "The record will come out in Fall (likely early October)."[8] In the July 18, 2013 blog entry on his website, Ben Cooper stated that the album was finished and confirmed the October 2013 release date. On September 5, 2013, a information on the Radical Face mailing list revealed that that The Branches would be released on October 22 in America and November 1st in Europe. It also confirmed a Volume Two of The Bastards EP, to be released prior to the album.



  • 2003: The Junkyard Chandelier (Self-released)
  • 2007: Ghost
  • 2011: The Family Tree: The Roots
  • 2013: The Family Tree: The Branches


  • 2010: Touch The Sky EP
  • 2011: The Bastards - Volume One EP
  • 2012: Always Gold EP
  • 2013: The Bastards - Volume Two EP


Year Title Chart Certification Album
2011 "Welcome Home" 83 24 38

Music videos[edit]

Year Song Album
2007 Welcome Home Ghost
2010 Doorways Touch The Sky EP
2012 A Pound of Flesh The Family Tree: The Roots
2012 We're On Our Way The Bastards - Volume One EP
2012 Always Gold The Family Tree: The Roots


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