Radical Teacher

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Radical Teacher
Radical Teacher issue 74 cover.jpg
Radical Teacher' magazine
Editor Collectively edited
Categories Education
Publisher Center for Critical Education, Inc.
Year founded 1975
Country United States
Language English

Radical Teacher is a socialist, feminist, and anti-racist magazine dedicated to issues of education. It is published triannually by the Center for Critical Education, Inc., a nonprofit organization. It is edited by a collective of nearly 50 individuals.

Radical Teacher publishes articles of interest to radical educators at all levels of education. It reports on pedagogy and curriculum, as well as on educational issues related to gender and sexuality, globalization, race, and similar topics. The magazine attempts to examine the root causes of inequality and promotes the idea that educators should also be activists who work for progressive social change.

Each issue of the magazine has a theme to which most of the articles relate. Themes that have been covered in the past include "Teaching in a Time of War", "Race in the Classroom", and "Beyond Identity Politics".

In addition to articles, Radical Teacher also includes book reviews, teaching notes, and news for educational workers.

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