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Radici Group
Industry fibres, plastic, chemicals
Founded 1941
Headquarters Gandino, Italy
Key people
Angelo Radici, Paolo Radici, Maurizio Radici
Products for the clothing, sport, furnishings, automotive, electrical/electronic and appliances sectors
Number of employees
3,500 (2011)
Website www.radicigroup.com

Radici Group based in Gandino, Italy, is a large Italian corporation active in several industries like textiles, chemicals and plastic with factories in Italy, Germany and Romania. In 2006 the company bought several parts of the German company Steilmann.[1]

RadiciGroup[2] is a large Italian corporation. RadiciGroup comprises subsidiaries and joint ventures in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and Americas. The headquarters of the Group remain in Bergamo (Italy), specifically in Gandino, a narrow valley embraced by the Orobic Pre-Alps, where back in 1941 the founder Pietro Radici established the first textile company. Across generations the solid family tradition has into the secret of the Group’s international success.

Production Chain[edit]

RadiciGroup manages diversified businesses worldwide focused on Chemicals, Plastics and Synthetic Fibres with total control over its production chain, from products such as adipic acid, polyamide 6 and polyamide 6.6 to yarns and engineering plastics. This control constitutes one of RadiciGroup’s key strengths.

Chemicals Area[edit]

In the Chemicals[3] sector the main products are:

Plastics Area[edit]

In the Plastics[4] sector the main products are:

Synthetic Fibres Area[edit]

In the Fibres[5] sector the main products are:

  • PA6 and PA66 yarns
  • Polyester yarns
  • PBT – PTT – PP yarns
  • PA6 High Tenacity Yarns
  • PA66 High Tenacity Yarns
  • Textile Tire and Rubber Reinforcement Materials (PA6, PA66, PET, Aramide, Rayon & Hybrids)
  • Acrylic fiber Staple, tow and Top.

Fibres applications: apparel, home furnishings and automotive interiors, residential and automotive use, tailor-made products for automotive applications, such as tyre cord, airbags, filters, hoses and belts. RadiciGroup's products are exported all over the world, and are the starting-point for developments in the clothing, sport, furnishings, automotive, electrical/electronic and appliances sectors.

History and acquisitions[edit]

In the 1980s Radici Chimica S.p.A. came into being following the purchase of an ex-Montedison production site in Novara.

In 2006 the company bought several parts of the German company Steilmann.[6]

In 2011 RadiciGroup acquired the German dorix GmbH[7] (formerly Selbitzer Chemiefaser GmbH, founded in 1896 under the name of Heinrich Reinhold GmbH & Co. KG), based in Selbitz – Hochfranken, Bavaria. dorix GmbH is the European leader in the production of PA6 staple (dorix®) and PP staple products (reilen).


Accountability, transparency and ethical conduct: these are the cornerstones of the RadiciGroup Sustainability Policy. Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are the goals of the Group’s business activities, day in and day out. Every year there is a new edition of the Sustainability Report[8] according to the GRI[9] method.

The Group follows the Responsible Care program,[10] a valuable tool that provides the necessary inputs in order to achieve continual, significant and tangible improvements, especially when it forces a company to find and recognize its limitations.

RadiciGroup, to confirm once again its commitment to sustainability, in 2008 pre-registered with REACH regulation authority.,[11]


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