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"Radio 1003" redirects here. For other stations, see 100.3 FM.
UFM100.3 Logo
Broadcast area Singapore
Branding UFM100.3
Radio 1003 (2005-2012)
UFM 1003 (2001-2004)
Slogan "U选好歌,非听不可!"
(Playing your favourite songs that you must not miss!)
Frequency FM 100.3
First air date 3 October 2001
Format Music Station, Contemporary Hits, Mandarin Pop
Language(s) Chinese
Owner SPH Radio Pte Ltd
Sister stations Kiss 92FM
One FM 91.3
Webcast Online Streaming
Website ufm1003.sg

UFM100.3 (formerly known as Radio 1003) is now a Chinese radio station based in Singapore. It is a radio station of SPH Radio Pte Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings, that also owns 2 English Stations, One FM 91.3 and Kiss 92FM.

The station was firstly known as UFM 1003 in Mediaworks. After media merger in Singapore, UFM 1003 had a change in name together with sister station WKRZ 91.3. Both of them added the word 'Radio' in front of their frequency, and that had been their names for the past decade. This is done as to avoid confusion over public about UFM 1003 and Channel U (which once belong to SPH, but now under Mediacorp), as both had the letter U in front. But after years, FM100.3 decided to change their names back to UFM100.3, but with a brand new slogan and more quality music and programs.

The station works closely with its parent company to provide latest information and freebies to its listeners. For example, news breaks are selected from articles from The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, My Paper, Shin Min Daily News and Lianhe Wanbao.


Position Name
Chinese Romanized English On-Air Name Programme
Programme Director 洪菁云 Hong Jing Yun Carine Ang 菁云 U~ 傍晚好 @ 4pm - 8pm
Assistant Music Director 刘永健 Liu Yongjian Ken Low 阿Ken
Creative Director 黄文鸿 Huang Wenhong Wong Woon Hong 文鸿/老大 不给一口叮! @ 6am - 10am
Presenter 叶丽梅 Ye Limei Charmaine Yip 丽梅 不给一口叮! @ 6am - 10am
Presenter 吴婉君 Wu Wanjun Christie Ng 小猪 不给一口叮! @ 6am - 10am
Presenter 苏于玲 Su Yuling Su Yuling 于玲 茶于饭后 @ 1pm - 4pm
Presenter 林良泉 Lin Liang Quan Vincent Lim 良泉 U~ 傍晚好 @ 4pm - 8pm
Presenter 林安娜 Lin Anna Anna Lim 安娜 早午餐,早午安 @ 10am - 1pm
Presenter 李欣盈 Li Xin Ying Lee Xin Ying 欣盈 夜晚最有 Feel @ 8pm - 12mn
Presenter 张承尧 Zhang Cheng Yao Chang Cheng Yao 承尧 周末节目 @ 10am - 2pm / 5pm - 8pm
Presenter 张莹 Zhang Ying Teo Ying 张莹 周末节目 @ 10am - 2pm / 5pm - 8pm

Former Notable DJs[edit]

Went into TV Productions

Went into acting industry

Left Radio Industry

  • 王嬿青 Wang Yanqing
  • 林宝宝 Lim Bao Bao
  • 杨君伟 Danny Yeo
  • 黄浩威 Huang Hao Wei
  • 邱政良 Christopher Khoo
  • 吐司 Toshi
  • 校园帮 School Gang
  • 胡珂宁 Hu Kening
  • 罗克敏 Luo Ke Min
  • 凯旋 Kai Xuan
  • 林为栋 Lin Weidong

Crossover to other radio stations

  • 林灵芝 Lim Leng Kee
  • 谢家发 Xie Jia Fa

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