Radio Bam

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Radio Bam
Genre Comedy, talk
Running time Mondays - 60 minutes (7:00–8:00 pm)
Country United States
Language(s) English
Home station Sirius XM Satellite Radio
Host(s) Bam Margera
Starring Bam Margera
Chad I Ginsburg
Brandon Novak
Joe Frantz
CKY Crew
Creator(s) Bam Margera
Recording studio West Chester, Pennsylvania, Castle Bam
Air dates November 15, 2004 to February 18, 2013
No. of episodes 302
Audio format Sirius XM Satellite Radio/
Faction 28

Radio Bam (or Bam Radio) was a Sirius Radio Station that aired on Mondays at 7pm, straight after The Jason Ellis Show. On each episode, Bam Margera and his friends (mainly Chad, Novak, and Joe Frantz) tell stories about past times and play music. On one occasion of Radio Bam, Margera left the show early after the conviction of his uncle Don Vito, saying Fuck America and saying he would run to Kazakhstan to get away from this fucked up ass country.[1] On June 20, 2011, a special tribute episode was aired in memory of Ryan Dunn, who died early Monday morning, airing the best moments with Ryan.[2] One episode of Radio Bam was taken off the air after a conversation got out of control. On episode #143, Brandon Novak was kicked out of Bam's studio and sent home to Baltimore, Maryland after they found drugs on him. Since February 18, 2013, there have been no new episodes of the show, leading to the belief the show had been cancelled. This was later confirmed by Jess Margera on the official CKY Website. [1]

Key Presenters[edit]


Main Crew Departs[edit]

After Margera had multiple falling outs with members of the original CKY Crew, the shows line up became more about Margera and less about the original crew. He continued to feature new guest hosts Post CKY Crew. These Included: