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Radio City
City of license Bengaluru, India
Broadcast area National
Branding Radio City
Frequency 91.1 FM
First air date July 2001
Owner Music Broadcast Private Limited

Radio City 91.1FM is India's first and leading FM radio brand. Promoted by Music Broadcast Private Limited (MBPL), Radio City started its operations in India in July, 2001 in Bangalore. Using state-of-the-art digital stereo FM, innovative programming, vivacious radio jockeys and experienced professionals, Radio City broadcasts the best quality of music and entertainment. Radio City 91.1FM offers a differentiated listening experience through melodious music to All SEC 12+ audiences across the nation. Radio City is present in 20 Cities across India in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Vadodara, Surat, Sholapur, Nagpur, Sangli, Coimbatore, Vizag, Ahmednagar, Akola, Nanded and Jalgaon.

Aggressively looking at spreading the Radio City experience across the country, Radio City 91.1FM is committed to growing the market and creating superlative content for discerning audiences.

To establish a better reach & tap potential marketers & advertisers across the country, Radio City 91.1FM has entered in a strategic alliance with Suno Lemon in Gwalior & Friends FM in Kolkata. Radio City 91.1FM reaches out to around 10.8 million* listeners across the country constituting 65% of SEC AB population. (*Source: RAM & IRS)

Radio City 91.1FM has been the No 1 station in Mumbai & Bangalore consistently for 170 weeks* & amongst top 2 FM players across network for last 14 quarters* (*Source RAM & IRS) Radio City 91.1FM has exciting shows that give it unmatched popular appeal. Innovative programming, vivacious radio jockeys and popular contemporary music with a melodious soul uniquely position Radio City to deliver targeted audiences across India’s most important cities. Music Broadcast Pvt. Ltd. is owned by IVF Holdings Pvt. Ltd (IVF), one of India's earliest private equity firms (established in 1999). IVF has a multi-sector portfolio and has invested in companies like Biocon, DQ Entertainment, Shringar Films, Meru Cabs, Mahindra Hinoday and DM Healthcare. It regularly partners with entrepreneurs and management teams to build valuable, enduring and socially responsible businesses that create value for all stakeholders.

Ms. Apurva Purohit is the CEO of Radio City & Mr. Ashit Kukian is the President & COO.

Broadcasting stations[edit]

Advertisement of Radio City Mumbai show Kasa Kai Mumbai on a car

The present broadcasting stations are:

  1. Ahmedabad
  2. Ahmednagar
  3. Akola
  4. Bengaluru
  5. Chennai
  6. Coimbatore
  7. Delhi
  8. Jaipur
  9. Hyderabad
  10. Lucknow
  11. Mumbai
  12. Nagpur
  13. Nanded
  14. Pune
  15. Sangli
  16. Solapur
  17. Surat
  18. Vadodara
  19. Vishakapatnam

Awards & Accolades[edit]

Awards Category City
IRF Awards - Excellence in radio awards Best Radio Station Bangalore
IRF Awards - Excellence in radio awards RJ of the Year (Telegu)- RJ Shiv Hyderabad
IRF Awards - Excellence in radio awards Best radio program - Kanadda - City Maathu Bangalore
IRF Awards - Excellence in radio awards Best RJ (Kannada) - RJ Pradeepa Bangalore
IRF Awards - Excellence in radio awards Best radio program / show packaging - Love Guru National
IRF Awards - Excellence in radio awards Best Campaign (Agency) Integration with Colors Bigboss
International Institute of Fashion Technology Fashion & Lifestyle Award Delhi
Youth Marketing Awards Marketing National
Limca Book of Records 14 Hour Long Antakshari Bangalore
Limca Book of Records Tallest Golu Chennai
Limca Book of Records Tallest Christmas Tree Delhi
Limca Book of Records Singathon Ahmedabad
Emvies - Band Baaja competition Best Band (Indian) Mumbai
Emvies - Band Baaja competition Best Solo Entry (Western) Mumbai
India Book Of Records Tallest Golu Chennai
Brand Leadership Awards Marketing National
Golden Mikes Best Digital/web streaming by a Radio/network - Freedom Radio Entry Digital Media
Golden Mikes Best first time innovation - Radio City Singathon Ahmedabad
Golden Mikes Best first time innovation - Direct Kargil Se Delhi
Golden Mikes Best On-Air Promotion for a Client - Single Station - Bye Bye Thand Lucknow
New York Festival Best Sound Bangalore

Popular Radio City Shows[edit]

  • Sangeet ke Sitaron ki Mehfil – With RJ Ameen Sayani

Ameen Sayani, the popular voice that enthralled radio listeners for years host this with his popular show presents Sangeet ke Sitaron ki Mehfil. The show has a repertoire of songs showcasing gems from Indian film music from the 1959 to 1960, timeless ‘hits’ of the time, interwoven with interviews of legendary artists such as RD Burman, SD Burman, Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Madan Mohan, Kishore Kumar & Mukesh.

One of the most loved show brings you musical career sketches of our greatest Singers, lyricists and composers - almost all backed by exclusive interviews from Ameen Sayani’s personal archives (collected over 45 years).

  • Kal Bhi Aaj Bhi:

Kal Bhi Aaj Bhi is a unique & interactive show where evergreen songs meet evergreen stars. The show plays music from yesteryears and interviews of legends who have paved the way for music today.

This is the time band that showcases the golden moments of the memorable stars that are called ‘evergreen’ because they are relevant to our lives Kal Bhi Aaj Bhi. The show not only endeavors to provide the best of yesteryears’ melodious music but also decorates the entire musical journey with many inside stories and never heard before trivia related to the evergreen stars and yesteryears’ movies.

The special evergreen star interviews featured in the segment ‘evergreen star mulakat’ have invoked rave reviews. From Kalyanji Anandji, Rishi Kapoor to the mangeshkar sisters, all were floored with the amount of research and insightful questions asked of them.

Overall the show’s USP is in the unheard of retro content that moves on with philosophical tinge during the latter half of the show; not to miss the soulful music from the vintage era of the 60s to the 80s. The RJ's knowledge, originality and language keep the content of Kal Bhi Aaj Bhi fresh, always.

  • Radio City Love Guru:

Radio City 91.1FM’s Love Guru for a decade now, has been the shoulder to cry on for many. The award-winning Love Guru is the expert on relationships and romance. His soothing voice and prudent advice have made him the most reliable authority on problems of the heart for years now.

The mysterious ‘Love Guru’ on radio has mended broken hearts, given advice from everything from divorce to running away with a lover, to even career counseling. Love Guru has been in this line for so long and it is his anonymity that makes the caller comfortable and the caller too doesn’t need to reveal his identity.

Love Guru’s presenting style and his inimitable voice blend the best of old-school radio and modern relationship advice. Comforting and tranquil, Love Guru is the perfect way to relax after the stress of a typical day in the big bad city.

  • Radio City Musical-e-Azam:

Musical-e-Azam is an on air music festival which was launched in 2006. Though the format has remained the same, Musical-e-Azam has evolved with time. It showcases eminent singers from across the country, live and unplugged., Sajid-Wajid, Sukhwinder Singh, Richa Sharma, Shreya Ghosal, Mohit Chauhan, KK, Salim Suleiman, Shaan & the late Jagjit Singh etc. are some of the renowned singers and composers who have graced the show with their presence.

Radio City Pre-Packaged Features[edit]

  • Radio City Babber Sher

Babber Sher is the longest running feature in the history of Indian FM industry. Babber Sher is a 3 minute interstitial on Radio City 91.1 FM that starts with a signature tune followed by a lion’s growls. This is followed by a humorous two line shayari. It has been a truly outstanding entertainment for one and all. It is radio’s craziest ‘shayari mandli’ that has a harmonium played in the background and a man with a heavy north Indian accent recites a sher with a punchline. Next he is applauded by his followers. Babber Sher is a unique property of Radio City with a great recall value amongst the audience. Babber Sher ki Mehfil is a one hour show on Radio City packed with Babber Sher shayaris and highly loved by all.

  • Radio City PhoneBhootha

This exciting segment invites the listeners to send pranks request through SMS, Phone call and Online registration. The RJ calls the registered numbers and takes details. He then calls the participant and pranks them. E.g. RJ calls the listener as a school kid and asks him to pretend as his dad as he is standing infront of his principal who is scolding him.

  • City Ki Topi

City ki Topi is a hilarious podcast hosted by the morning RJ, wherein a prank is played with a listener.[edit]

In August 2008, Radio City launched (, India's first Music Portal. India’s most extensive and all-inclusive mega music portal, is the one stop destination for all entertainment news, views and downloads. The website is a treasure trove of information, entertainment and interactivity to all those who are connected with music: casual and serious enthusiasts, trade and musicians - including experts and amateurs, alike.

It’s Web Radio – Radio City Fun Ka Antenna launched in March 2010, offers 24 hours of uninterrupted streaming internet radio. Targeted at younger audience, the programming is distinctly different from terrestrial radio stations. It comprises music from Indian and International genres, RJ hosted shows, back2back theme based play lists and also popular Radio City properties like Love Guru. Music played comprises all genres - film, non film, sufi, ghazals and current and retro hits. Radio City Fun Ka Antenna reaches out to over 3 million listeners every month. (

Apart from Radio City Fun Ka Antenna, has 10 other web radio streams viz. Radio City Indipop, Radio City Freedom, Radio City Smaran, Radio City Hindi, Radio City Tamil, Radio City Malayalam, Radio City International, Radio City Love, Radio City Classics & Radio City Dance .

In June 2013, Radio City launched a, ‘PlanetRadiocity’ mobile app that plays Radio City Freedom & Radio City Malayalam. The app archives all the popular PPFs of Radio City like the hilarious Babber Sher which has a nationwide fan following. City centric features like the famous ‘Punch Patela’ (Bangalore) and ‘Hunter’ (Ahmedabad) can also be enjoyed through the app. Rare and exclusive videos of star visits to the Radio City studios along with Bollywood news, are added attractions.

PlanetRadiocity Stations[edit]

  • Radio City Indipop

An exclusive online radio station for non-stop IndiPop music.Playing non-stop IndiPop hits 24x7 all day long. The station features popular Indian and International IndiPop artists from across the globe. Wide artist base and discography featuring Lucky Ali, Mohit Chauhan, Kailasa, Strings, Junoon, Apache Indian, Sukhbir and others.

  • Radio City Freedom

Radio City Freedom is India’s first dedicated web radio for Indie music only on Radio City Freedom showcases independent artists from across genres like dub-step, electronica, folk, rock, sufi etc. expressing themselves in diverse languages like Assamese, Malayalam, Bengali , Punjabi apart from Hindi & English. It is a platform that supports exciting talent across the country.

Radio City Freedom provides the new, un-tapped music created by and for the new generation that is on the lookout for fresh Indie music. Radio City Freedom was ushered in by celebrating the ‘Freedom Hour’ on 3 July 2012. Between 10 am and 11 am, Radio City brought in ‘5 bands across 5 towns’ to perform simultaneously for the first time on Indian Radio to announce the launch of Radio City Freedom.

‘Freedom hour’ had live performances by bands as diverse as Aks, Highway 61, Tatva Kundalini, Pratigya, Dedh Inch Upar & singers such as Kavita Seth, Akashdeep Gogoi, Sanjeev Thomas & Harsha Iyer. Radio City Freedom theme song ‘Hum Sab Hai Yahaan’, a collaborative composition of independent artists & bands set the perfect mood for the launch.

  • Radio City Smaran

‘Radio City Smaran’ is a treasure trove of devotional and spiritual music that is hard to come by in the radio space. It goes beyond devotional to delve into various genres like Bhajans, Classical, Sufi, Chants, Wellness music and much more. Radio City Smaran aims at creating a perfect ambience, fostering relaxation and mental well-being of its listeners.

The uniqueness of Radio City Smaran lies in its programming approach that goes beyond a single genre like Bhajans or Mantras. The music mix has been carefully selected keeping in mind a broader set of audiences across religions and sects. The programming line-up also includes hand-picked healing and wellness music. Through Radio City Smaran, the idea is to provide relief to stressed out minds, and encourage a sense of well being.

  • Radio City Tamil

Radio City Tamil was launched on 24 July 2013 & hosts non-stop hit Tamil songs, along with Radio City’s most loved show ‘Love Guru’ and the hit feature, ‘Ragasiya Police Badava Gopi 911’. The playlist is the finest collection of hit Tamil music with interesting anecdotes from melodious ‘Love Guru’. Radio City Tamil aims to bridge the gap that still exists in the online availability of Indian regional music.

  • Radio City Malayalam

Radio City Malayalam was launched on 19 January 2014 & caters to the strong fan-base of regional music lovers all over the world. The playlist features some of the most popular Malayalam tracks. All time favourites like Ente Ellaam Ellaam (Meesha Madhavan), Chandanacholayil (Sallapam), Vaathilil aa vaathilil (Ustad Hotel) are some of the outstanding tracks that make up the initial playlist. Highly rated movie songs across years find their place of pride in the playlist.

  • Radio City International

Launched on 14th of Feb 2014, Radio City International aims to be the one-stop-destination for all the contemporary international hits from artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Akon, Pitbull, Rihanna, Michael Buble. The station also features hits from the 80s and 90s by Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Shaggy, Backstreet Boys and other popular artists. RJ Annie of 'Wild Wild West', can be now heard on Radio City International in a brand new avatar.

  • Radio City Love

With the launch of Radio City Love, listeners can enjoy an ultimate compilation of melodious love songs by notable artists like Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Bryan Adams, John Mayer & many others. Radio City Love promises on delivering melodious content & eternal romantic hits. The station hosts all time love hits like My heart will go on, You’re still the one, Everything I do, Your body is a wonderland amongst many others.

  • Radio City Classics

The listeners who have grown up listening to the international hits from the 80’s & the 90’s can now relive those moments by enjoying the evergreen classic tracks only on Radio City Classics. The playlist comprises of music that was immensely popular in the Indian subcontinent during that era. Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Richard Marx, Bryan Adams, Phil Collins, Bon Jovi, Micheal learns to Rock, Shaggy, Shania Twain, Enigma, Aerosmith, Mariah Carrey, George Michael, Scorpions etc. are some of the artists whose music will be played on this station, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!

  • Radio City Dance

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is the rage in the international arena today. Listeners are hooked on to the music of artists like David Guetta, Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Deadmau5 etc. who are some of the most sought-after artists in the electronic music scene in recent times. Radio City Dance is the first online radio station in the country that features the best international EDM.

The station will feature electronic music sets created through percussive electronic music genres. A host of genre-bending styles that include House, Trance, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Mashup and others can be now enjoyed on Radio City Dance.

PlanetRadiocity Shows[edit]

a) Dedication Top 10 with RJ Sana: Catch RJ Sana as she plays out your dedications for any and every mood, all situations - be it a heartbreak - or love at first sight! Timings: Everyday 11am – 2pm

b) Fundoo Duniya Fultoo Facts with RJ Nikki: Catch RJ Nikki unearth some amusing trivia, and dig out fascinating facts that you can marvel at, all from this whacky world that we live in! Timings: Everyday (except Sunday) 2pm – 5pm.

c) Locker Room with RJ Ajay: Get ready for a rocking ride as RJ Ajay takes you through what’s happening, what’s hot and what’s not in the world today - strictly from a man’s perspective. Timings: Everyday (except Wednesday) 5pm – 7pm.

d) Cricket World with Ayaz Memon: The Host Ayaz Memon - A well known sports journalist and a cricket expert gives you a lowdown on the latest in the "cricketing duniya". He adds spice to the game with his fiery opinions and "in your face" commentsTimings: Every Wednesday 5pm – 7pm.

PlanetRadiocity Properties[edit]

  • Boss’ Top 5

Boss’ Top 5 brings out the lighter side of the corporate top bosses, as they share their personal thoughts, likes and dislikes, outside the board room.It has been one of the most off-beat shows on web radio, pioneering the concept, when it was launched 2 years back. The show has received wide appreciation, profiling important personalities like Sanjay Purohit - MD, Levi Strauss India, Debraj Tripathy - MD, Mediacom, T Gangadhar, Managing Director - MEC India, Apurva Purohit - CEO, Radio City 91.1FM, Akshay Kumar - COO, UB Group, Natesh Mani - President, Sify Technologies and Paritosh Joshi - CEO, STAR CJ Network to name a few.

  • Slappies

Slappies is the annual parody awards hosted on The first season of Slappies was held in 2011. Slappies 2011 / 2012 / 2013 received an overwhelming response from the listeners who voted for movies like ‘Joker’ as the ‘Slappiest Movie’ & ‘Diana Penty’ as the ‘Slappiest debutant of the year’!

Slappies rolls out awards in 6 categories – Slappies Movie of the Year, Slappies Actor of the Year, Slappies Actress of the Year, Slappies Dance Move of the Year, Slappies Debutant of the Year & Slappies Song of the Year.

Slappies involves 2 phases – the nominations and the final voting., Listeners can vote for the entries they feel are most deserving of the ‘Slappies’ from the nominations for all the categories. Top six entries, across each category make it to the final list, which will be featured on the ‘Slappies’ microsite, for listeners to vote. The final voting then decides 6 worst entertainment endeavors, which will be ‘slapped’ with ‘Slappies’.

Radio City Connect[edit]

Radio City Connect is the Non Traditional Revenue (NTR) arm of Radio City 91.1 FM and provides complete 'one-window' local advertising solutions. Combining Radio, Activation, Events, Online and Mobile, Radio City Connect has successfully delivered a wide variety of on-ground activities ranging from Mobile Road Shows, Multi-City Mall Activities, RWA Activities, School/ College Promotions and Rock Shows offering its clients innovative, efficient and cost effective advertising solutions.

Radio City School of Broadcasting[edit]

The Radio City School of Broadcasting (RCSB) is set up by Music Broadcast Private Limited (MBPL) which owns and operates Radio City 91.1FM - India’s Leading Radio Network. Being a pioneer in the radio space with 12 successful years and a national footprint, Radio City 91.1 FM is now committed to develop and groom aspiring radio professionals. RCSB will provide 6 months ‘Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying and Radio Production’. Faculty members of RCSB comprise of radio professionals who are all specialists in their fields with experience ranging from 9 TO 15 years.

  • Program Highlights
  1. Radio City School of Broadcasting (RCSB) will expose students to 3 months of a comprehensive class room training module followed by 3 months of ‘real world radio experience’ through internship with Radio City 91.1 FM
  2. Internship will expose students to various facets related to Radio Management e.g. Programming and National Creative cell
  3. There is dedicated faculty for each course to maintain uniformity and continuity in the teaching pattern

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