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Radio Clyde Limited
Industry Broadcasting
Genre Radio Station
Founded 31 December 1973 (31 December 1973)
Headquarters Clydebank, United Kingdom
Owner Bauer Radio

Radio Clyde is a division of Bauer Radio based in Glasgow, Scotland. They currently operate an FM station (known as Clyde 1) and an AM station (known as Clyde 2) from studios in Clydebank West Dunbartonshire. A DAB and online station (known as Clyde 3) is simulcast from studios in Manchester with local Clyde 3 news, travel and branding.


The first broadcast on Radio Clyde began at 10.30 p.m. on 31 December 1973 on the 261m MW and 95.1 FM frequencies. The studios were originally located within the Anderston Centre complex within Glasgow city centre, but moved to its current site in Clydebank in 1983. The station jingle was "Radio Clyde, 261, all together now".

Programme output was split in two on 3 January 1990, with the creation of Clyde 1 and Clyde 2 after a government mandated a change in permissions for frequency sharing. Previously, AM and FM transmissions were of the same programme output. The split, effectively allowing two channels of disparate programming (and advertising) helped maintain profitability.

The company was controlled by Scottish Radio Holdings (SRH) until 2005, when SRH was acquired by Emap. The company changed hands again in 2008 when Emap sold their consumer magazines and radio business units to Bauer Media,[1] creating the Bauer Radio unit,

Previous Radio Clyde logo'.

From Monday 19 January 2015, The Hits on DAB was absorbed into the new Bauer City 3 network of stations.[2] The new Clyde 3 service is locally branded and identified, with the opportunity to split for local news, information, advertising and jingles, with The Hits content as a national programme feed.

Notable past presenters include Paul Coia, Ken Sykora, Richard Park, Tiger Tim Stevens, Mark Goodier, and Dougie Donnelly. BBC Breakfast anchor Bill Turnbull began his career in journalism at the station.[citation needed]


Radio Clyde has nine journalists covering both News and Sport. Bulletins are broadcast regularly throughout the day. The station also has a major output of sport. Sports bulletins are broadcast throughout the day as well as a weekday and SPL matchday football phone in.


Radio Clyde (and its stations, Clyde 1 and Clyde 2) has had a number of brands over the years. The current branding was developed by Multiply UK in 2011 as part of a 6-month 'brand audit and repositioning exercise'.[3]

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