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Radio Pacific was a New Zealand talkback radio station. The station also broadcast an extensive selection of horse racing commentary.


The station was originally started in Auckland in 1978 on 1593am.[1] In the early nineties Radio Pacific was networked across New Zealand, and was one of the first stations in New Zealand to network across the whole country.

Radio Pacific was once a listed company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange its largest shareholder being the Totalisator Agency Board. The company owned and operated the Radio Pacific Network along with a network of music radio stations across the North Island of New Zealand known as Energy Enterprises. In 1999 Radio Pacific merged with Radio Otago to develop a network of stations across the country.

The operations of Radio Pacific were purchased by a subsidiary of CanWest Global Communications now operated through RadioWorks.

In 2005 RadioWorks started a new network talkback station called Radio Live. At this point Radio Pacific changed format to becoming a dedicated TAB racing and information station with the station changing branding to Radio Trackside during horse racing coverage. Outside racing hours Radio Pacific provided music, information and entertainment.

On 29 October 2007, the station changed its brand name to BSport, concentrating primarily on sport, with the emphasis remaining on horse-racing, using the slogan "BSport, the station you can bet on". On January 2010 BSport was then renamed to LiveSport.

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