Radio Radicale

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Radio Radicale
Radio Radicale.png
Broadcast area Italy Italy - National FM & Hotbird
Frequency several frequencies, change from geographical side to side
First air date 1976
Format Politics.
Owner Partito Radicale

Radio Radicale is the official radio station of Partito Radicale (Radical Party) in Italy. It was founded in the seventies, along with the "Radio libere".

It is completely free of commercial advertising and is mostly funded by the party, however a small portion comes from the Italian government.

Despite being an official political party organ a large portion of its airtime is devoted to broadcasting parliamentary live debates from the Italian Chamber of Deputies and Italian Senate as well as important court cases.

Another large portion of airtime is also used to broadcast Italian political party conventions of all political spectrums from far right to the far left.

The remaining airtime is used for the party's own political beliefs.

Sometimes they leave their airtime open to all callers who each have around 45 seconds to say anything they want. These calls are not censored.

The party sold a portion of the radio station in 1999 to fund their campaign election to the European parliament.

It has a huge archive of registration of the last 30 years of Italian politics.

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