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The use of radios in Bahrain extend as far back as to 1955 when the country's first radio broadcasting service, in Arabic, first started.[1] By 1980, the radio service broadcast up to 14 hours a day. The country's first English language radio station was later established in 1977, as a result of an increase in English speakers in Bahrain and the Gulf region.[1][2] The radio's programmes were primarily religious and educational, with occasional news announcements.[1]

Almost all radio stations in Bahrain are state-owned, by the Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation though privately owned radio stations like the Hindi-language Your FM104.2, which serves the country's Indian community, operate in the country.[3]


  • 93.3FM Bahrain FM (Arabic)
  • 96.9FM Arabic Classic Music Station (Arabic Oldies Music)
  • 106.1FM Holy Quran Radio (Religious)
  • 96.5FM Radio Bahrain (English)
  • 102.3FM Radio Bahrain (Arabic)
  • 98.4FM Youth Radio (Modern Music)
  • 104.2FM Your FM (Hindi, Malayalam)
  • 95.0FM Traditional FM (Bahraini Traditional Music)

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