Radioactive Sago Project

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Radioactive Sago Project
Origin Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Genres Pinoy rock, alternative rock, ska punk, jazz fusion, salsa
Years active 1999–present
Labels Viva Records (2000)
Terno Recordings(2004–present)
Associated acts Dead Ends, Karayom Garage
Website Radioactive Sago Project
Members Lourd de Veyra (vocals)
Junji Lerma (guitar)
Francis de Veyra (bass)
Wawi Anzano (trumpet)
Pards Tupas (trombone)
Rastem Eugenio (alto saxophone)
Ryan Zapanta (alto saxophone)
Uno Bañaga (violin)
Arwin Nava (percussions)
Jay Gapasin (drums)
B-Boy Garcia (turntables)

Radioactive Sago Project is a Filipino jazz rock band formed in 1999 in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. The band's sound is a fusion of spoken-word poetry, bebop jazz, and punk. Subjects in their material range from politics, drugs, alcohol, random musings and current issues.

Fronted by award-winning poet Lourd de Veyra, the band has released three albums. The first, a self-titled album, was released in 2000, followed by Urban Gulaman in 2004 and Tangina Mo Andaming Nagugutom sa Mundo Fashionista Ka Pa Rin, released in 2007.


  • The Radioactive Sago Project - Viva Records, 2000
  • Urban Gulaman - Terno Recordings, 2004
  • Tangina Mo Andaming Nagugutom sa Mundo Fashionista Ka Pa Rin - Terno Recordings, 2007
  • Ang Itlog at ang Demonyo - Terno Recordings, 2014

Compilation albums[edit]


In 2000, the band released its first single, "Gusto Ko Ng Baboy", about a young man's fascination with pigs since his childhood. As the song progresses, it becomes a political tirade against corruption.

In 2004, they released the single "Astro", from Urban Gulaman, depicting a person's addiction to cigarette smoking. This was titled after Astro, a now-defunct brand of cigarettes sold to the C-D-E category. The song was used in the Pinoy/Blonde soundtrack the following year. A second song from their album Urban Gulaman entitled "Alaala ni Batman" ("Memories of Batman") was also released. It tells the story of a man's idolization of Batman since his childhood. The song progresses into ruminations on politics and society, and how these factors contribute to the demise of Philippine economy and society. At the end of the song, the persona jumps off the top of a building believing he could fly, only to realize that Batman doesn't fly.

In 2005, the band received three nominations at the MTV Pilipinas Video Music Awards for Favorite Group, Best Video, and Best Director (R.A. Rivera). The band won Best Video, and Best Director (R.A. Rivera).

Their most recent album is Tangina mo! Ang Daming Nagugutom sa Mundo Fashionista ka pa rin! ("You Son of a Bitch! There are Starving People in The World and You're Still a Fashionista!") which was released in 2007.


  • Lourd de Veyra - vocals
  • Francis De Veyra - bass
  • Jay Gapasin - drums
  • Junji Lerma - guitar
  • Uno Bañaga - violin
  • Wowie Ansano - trumpet
  • Pards Tupas - trombone
  • Rastem Eugenio - alto saxophone
  • Ryan Zapanta - alto saxophone
  • Roxy Modesto - saxophone
  • Arwin Nava - percussion
  • B-Boy Garcia - turntables

Past members[edit]

Singles and music videos[edit]

  • "Gusto ko ng Baboy" ("I Want a Pig")
  • "Astro"
  • "Gin Pomelo"
  • "Hello Hello"
  • "Wasak na Wasak" ("Totally Wrecked")
  • "Kapalaran" (original by Rico J. Puno)
  • "Alaala ni Batman" ("Memories of Batman")
  • "Alkohol" ("Alcohol") (original by Eraserheads)
  • "Syotang Pa-Class" (original by APO Hiking Society)
  • "Alak, Sugal, Kape, Babae, Kabaong" ("Liquor, Gambling, Coffee, Women, Casket")
  • "Trip" ("Recorded from Tower Sessions")

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