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Logo Radiofabrik
City of license Salzburg (Austria)
Broadcast area Salzburg (state)
Slogan Good Listening
Frequency 107,5 & 97,3 MHZ - 98,6 MHZ (Cable)
First air date 1998
Format Community Radio
Language(s) German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Serbo-Croatian (BCS), Russian, Farsi
Owner Association "Freier Rundfunk Salzburg"
(Sendeanlagen Ltd.)

Radiofabrik is Salzburg’s community radio. It is independent, non-commercial, non-profit radio station in Salzburg, Austria.


Matchbox with an ad of „Piratenradio Bongo 500“, from 1992

Some of the founders of Radiofabrik (for example Wolfgang Hirner, who later became CEO of the Radiofabrik) started their illegal radio station as early as 1992, when the state-monopoly on broadcasting was still in force. The pirate radio was called «Radio Bongo 500».

The license was obtained in 1998, (five years after the state-monopoly was abolished,) and Radiofabrik became the second Community Radio in Austria to broadcast legally (Radio Helsinki started broadcasting from Graz as early as 1995). At the beginning Radiofabrik had a five-hours weekly slot on the commercial radio station «Radio Arabella».

Daily broadcasting started in January 2002, once again sharing the waves of a commercial station (City Radio). After the bankruptcy of «Objektwerbung GmbH» (owner of City Radio) in October 2003 Radiofabrik obtained the full broadcasting licence and has been on air 24/7 ever since.

Studio of Radiofabrik in containers, until 2005

In the early days the studio was located in a prefabricated container. In 2005 Radiofabrik headquarters were relocated inside the ARGE-Kultur Salzburg, a self-standing cultural centre, where professional infrastructure and equipment (office, studio, production and workshop rooms) were set up. The Radiofabrik community never stopped growing.

In 2014, 300 volunteers are producing a huge variety of radio shows in 14 different languages. From children to elder people, from homeless to professors, from classical music to heavy metal, from politics to trash you can hear almost anything on Radiofabrik – except commercials.

The Radiofabrik broadcasts over FM 107,5 and 97,3 MHz (City of Salzburg, Flachgau, Tennengau), via cable in the whole state of Salzburg and via Internet live stream.

The studio of Radiofabrik in 1st floor of ARGEkultur, roof antenna for frequence 97,3 MHz

Programme and concept[edit]

As a non-commercial, independent Community Radio Radiofabrik is intended for everyone, individuals and groups, especially for those, who tend to be underrepresented in both private and public media. Therefore there are programmes produced by and for people senior 50, a special programme produced by youth for people under 18, and also programmes in more than 10 different languages. Radiofabrik is the broadcasting service with the largest diversity of opinion in Salzburg.

Everyone who wants to create his own radio programme can become a community member and has to pass a workshop, in which media law, technical skills and basic journalistic skills are taught. The person in charge of his own programme is free to choose topic and content of his or her broadcast. There is definitely no space for programmes with racist, sexist, pro-violent or anti-democratic content as well as religious propaganda.

The journalist Georg Wimmer, who has already won several journalistic awards, is responsible for the coordination of the programme. Georg Wimmer is on paternity leave since the end of 2008. In January 2009 project manager Eva Schmidhuber took on the programme administration.


The organization of Radiofabrik is based on two pillars: The „Verein Freier Rundfunk Salzburg“ is a registered association, in which all programme creators and supporters are members on institutional level. The association is responsible for the broadcasting service. The association owns a corporation in charge of the infrastructure (Sendeanlagen GesmbH), who also holds the broadcasting licence.

The board of management consists of cultural scientist Elke Zobl (chairwoman of the association), communication scientist Alois Pluschkowitz, journalist Michaela Gründler (editor-in-chief of Street newspaper Apropos) and Anton Prlic (journalist of newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten) and management-consultant Wolfgang Stöger.

Until 2007 Radiofabrik was managed by founder Wolfgang Hirner. Adult educator Andreas Wagner was CEO from 2007 forward. In March 2008 media artist and media manager Alf Altendorf became CEO of Radiofabrik.

Project work[edit]

Radiofabrik's local connection to NGOs and cultural sites in Salzburg is as vital for the programme of Radiofabrik as the orientation towards the European Union, which culminates in participating in many projects initiated by the EU. Radiofabrik shares its programs via online-platforms of Community Radios in Austria and Germany.

The significance of activities in the field of media-related education has increased. One example is the Interreg-IIIA-Project “EuRegio Medienzentrum”, where the “Aktion Film Salzburg” and the District Office of Traunstein are involved.


  • EU-Project Civilmedia (annual convention since 2006) [1]
  • EU-Project Radiodialogues – voices of diversity
  • EU-Project Talk About It
  • EU-Project Let's Talk About Science
  • EU-Project I Speak Football [2]
  • Euregio-Project EuRegio Media Center (EMZ)
  • EuRegio Children's Radio – Radio of, for and with children
  • belle of the ball – project “Rasende Reporterin” at EURO2008
  • mozartRemixed


Radiofabrik develops hardware and software for the editorial board of radio stations. In 2005 IT-engineer Hermann Huber presented the Radio Automation Software YARM (Yet Another Radio Manager) at the Ars Electronica. Many Austrian community radios are now using YARM.

Production director, musician and innovater Marcus Diess created the signal monitoring system “Signal Watchdog”, which checks functioning of the Radiofabrik transmitters and immediately reports technical breakdowns via SMS. A sound editing software for blind editors (“Studioguard”) is under way.


Radiofabrik 107,5 is a member of the Association of Community Radios in Austria (Verband Freier Radios Österreich – VFRÖ) and of the umbrella organization of Salzburg's cultural sites (Dachverband Salzburger Kulturstätten). The association is founder and holds a 24% share of the community television FS1.[3]


Radiofabrik received i.a. the following awards:

  • Cultural award for integration and human rights (“Kulturpreis für Integration und Menschenrechte“) endowed by the Green Party of Salzburg and Gerard Mortier.
  • Cultural Award of the federal state of Salzburg (Kulturpreis des Landes Salzburg)
  • Radio Award of adult education – Eduard-Ploier-Award (2007, 2008)
  • Alternative Media Award of Media academy Nürnberg and Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES)
  • Media award of the German organisation Kindernothilfe
  • ESIS – Seal for innovative multilingual projects (2003, 2008)


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