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Type Private
Industry Online Advertising, Programmatic Ad Buying, Ad-Tech
Founded September 2009
Headquarters San Francisco
Services RTB online advertising
Employees 300+
Website www.radiumone.com

RadiumOne is an advertising platform which covers online, video, social and mobile advertising using real-time bidding.[1][2] It was first launched in 2009 by Gurbaksh Chahal. The company was initially known as gWallet, a loyalty and rewards program.[3] As of 2014 the company was listed as the "ninth largest online ad network" by ComScore.[4]

After CEO Gurbaksh Chahal pleaded guilty to domestic violence battery on April 23, 2014, there were calls for him to step down as CEO.[5][6] He was fired on April 27, [7] and TechCrunch Disrupt dropped RadiumOne as a sponsor of the event.

The company utilizes data taken from social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook and tailors advertisements for the consumer.[8][9] It was one of the first companies to use real-time social data in such a manner.[10]

First Party Products[edit]

  • Po.st Sharing Platform - Launched in November 2011, Po.st lets publishers power the sharing activity on their website[11]
  • Po.st URL Shortener - Launched in June 2012, Po.st URL shortener. allows advertisers to shorten links and track the engagement happening around their social links
  • Photo Effects - Launched in June 2013, Photo Effects is a photo editing SDK for app developers.


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