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Radix Protector is a range of products from Radix Technologies Limited for restoring the operating system and other selected files of computers running Microsoft Windows if they become corrupted. It consists of application software running under the operating system, and a USB or PCI card containing software to bootstrap the computer and to restore damaged files.

Radix protector bootstrap has a graphical menu.

When it is installed, the application software portion of the product creates a new partition on one of the computer's hard disks where it stores snapshots of the operating system and selected user files. If the operating system becomes corrupted, or one of the other files is damaged, then the snapshots of the affected files can be copied back from the Protector's partition.

The product range includes the MLP version which provides a maximum of 32 restore points, whilst the SLP version supports just one. The USB card can also be used as a physical key to control access to the computer, since it will not boot if the device is not fitted.

Its main competitors are Norton Ghost and Roxio GoBack, both purely software products.