Radoslav of Duklja

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Radoslav (Serbian Cyrillic: Радослав; fl. 1146-1148) was the Prince of Duklja from 1146 to 1148.

He succeeded his father, Gradinja, as ruler of Dioclea. However, Radoslav had to travel to Byzantine emperor Manuel Comenus in Constantinople to gain the authority to rule over Dioclea, which he did. Compared to his father and the other rulers of Dioclea, Radoslav was the only one to wear the title Prince rather than King, which was a symbol of a decline in Dioclea's reputation and power, as well as its dependence and vassalage position towards the Byzantines.

Prince Desa, another dynastic pretender, took Zeta and Travunia from Radoslav and re-unified the coastal Principalities with Rascia in 1148. Radoslav continued to rule Kotor.[1][2]

Regnal titles
Preceded by
Prince of Duklja
(Byzantine vassal)

Succeeded by
re-unified with Serbia
Desa I
as Primorje Županate
Preceded by
Kotor part of Duklja
Lord of Kotor
Succeeded by


  • Name: His name was Radoslav. His full name has been written (Радослав Градинић[3]); (Радослав Војислављевић[4])


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