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Radu Lucian Sulica is a Romanian-born American laryngologist and author. He currently serves as Associate Professor and Chief, Laryngology and Voice Disorders at the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City.[1] Sulica has published several books in the field, including Vocal Fold Paralysis,[2] the compendium on this dominant topic in laryngology. His recent review of a sub-category of vocal fold paralysis, the idiopathic cases,[3] is now required reading by the MLL and several leading organizations in laryngology.[citation needed]

He is notable among contemporary practitioners of laryngology for his prolific writing and focus on the historical context of laryngology and its problems;[citation needed] for example, his paper "War, politics & the voice: The vocal fold paralysis of George Orwell".[4]

Further contributions include his early adoption and promotion of Gray's mini-thyrotomy,[5] his singular description of laryngeal thrush,[6] and being a major proponent of the significance of vocal fold paresis in voice complaints.[7]

His latest collaboration, with Ryan Branski, PhD of the New York University Voice Center is entitled Classics in Voice and Laryngology.[8] Branski and Sulica have compiled and edited fundamental articles in laryngology and contacted the original authors to get their updated comment and critique of their work.


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