Radu Malfatti

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Radu Malfatti
20081128 Radu Malfatti.jpg
Radu Malfatti during soundcheck before his first concert in Galicia in 2008.
Background information
Origin Innsbruck, Austria
Genres experimental
Years active 1975–present
Labels Erstwhile Records, B-boim
Associated acts Polwechsel

Radu Malfatti is an Austrian trombone player and composer. He was born in Innsbruck, in the province of Tyrol, on December 16, 1943. He has been described as "among the leaders in redefining the avant-garde as truly on-the-edge art."[1] His work "since the early nineties... has been investigating the edges of ultraminimalism in both his composed and improvised work."[2] He also operates B-Boim, a CD-R only record label focusing on improvised and composed music, much of it his own.

Selected discography[edit]


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