Radvila Astikas

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Radvila Astikas
Grand Marshal of Lithuania
Voivod of Trakai
Castellan of Vilnius
Spouse(s) Eudoxia Radziwiłł


Mikalojus Radvila the Old
Noble family Radziwiłł (founder)
Father Kristinas Astikas
Mother Anna
Born 1384
Died 1477 (aged 92–93)

Radvila Astikas (or Astikaitis) (Polish: Radziwiłł Ościkowicz) (1384–1477) was a Lithuanian magnate, a member of the Astikai family of Vilnius. He was one of the most influential people in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, was a member of the Lithuanian Council of Lords and was even credited as a pretender to its throne instead of Casimir Jagiellon.

Astikas was born in Kernavė, the son of Kristinas Astikas, and is considered a founder of the Radvila family. Radvila Astikas was a Voivod of Trakai from 1466 and Castellan of Vilnius, as well as Grand Marshal of Lithuania. His son Mikalojus Radvila nicknamed "the Old" was the first to carry his father's name Radvila as a family name.[1]

He ruled the lands of Musninkai, which was his seat, Upninkai, Širvintos, Biržai, Kėdainiai, Vyžuona, Užpaliai and others.[2]