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"Voice of the Philippines" redirects here. For the Philippine franchise of The Voice, see The Voice of the Philippines.
DZRP Overseas Radio-Radyo Filipinas
Type Broadcast radio network
Country Philippines
Availability International
Founded 1990s
Owner Philippine Broadcasting Service
Official website

DZRP Overseas Radio-Radyo Pilipinas (also known as Voice of the Philippines, then known as Radyo Pagasa) is a short-wave radio station broadcasting outside the Philippines. Owned by the Philippine Broadcasting Service, the station is operated from Mondays to Sundays 1:30am - 12:00nn PST (17:30-04:00 UTC) on various shortwave frequencies, with simulcast on Radyo ng Bayan in the Philippines and in the internet live streaming. It broadcasts in Filipino and English languages. Radyo Filipinas used the relay station of Voice of America in Tinang, Tarlac.


Filipino Service[edit]

  • Ang Filipinas Ngayon
  • DFA Online
  • NSO Program
  • Usapang Baranggay
  • Magnegosyo Tayo
  • Bakasyon Filipinas
  • Hatid Sundo
  • Usap Usapan
  • Galing Pinoy

English Service[edit]

  • PBS News
  • Dateline Malacañang
  • DFA Online
  • It's more fun in the Philippines
  • Trend and insights
  • Music From the region

Available time and frequencies[edit]

Radyo Filipinas is available on 1:30am - 3:30am PST (17:30 - 19:30 UTC) on 12.120, 15.190 and 9.925 MHz in Filipino Service and 10:00am - 11:30am PST (02:00 - 03:30 UTC) on 15.640, 12.010 and 7.020 MHz in English Service.

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