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Coordinates: 10°41′36″N 71°38′01″W / 10.6933°N 71.6337°W / 10.6933; -71.6337

Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin University (URBE)
Universidade do Vale do Paraíba
Latin: Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín
Motto Sómos Excelencia (Spanish)
Motto in English We are Excellency
Established 5 October 1989; 24 years ago (1989-10-05)
Endowment Bs.F 2952.00 (18UC) - 3772.00 (23UC) (DERECHO - LAW SCHOOL)
Principal Dr. Oscar Belloso Medina
Students 26,722
Undergraduates Unknown
Postgraduates Unknown
Other students Unknown
Location Maracaibo,  Venezuela
Campus 71.126 yd²
Colours Intense Red, Blue & White             
Nickname URBE
Affiliations Universia
EF (Education First)
Website www.urbe.edu

The Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin University (Spanish: Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín, URBE) is a private university in Maracaibo, Zulia State, and one of the largest in Venezuela. Founded by his current principal Dr. Oscar Belloso Medina in 1989.

It has approximately 27.000 students in undergraduate, graduate and other courses offered by this university and these are divided into 5 faculties from which they derive 9 schools that are taught in 17 runs and 25 graduate programs. It also has a line of media which are: TV URBE,[1] a television station dedicated to the university; URBE 96.3fm,[2] radio station 96.3 FM frequency for the state of Zulia, and an official web portal.[3]



The university was founded on 5 October 1989 in honor of Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin, MD founder and rector of the university. It started academic activities on 26 March 1990 with 567 students and 100 teachers around the faculties of Engineering, Administrative Sciences and Computer Science from the School of Computer Engineering, Business Administration, Business Administration and Computer Science.

In September 1990, established in the university community of the city in what will be its permanent location at the intersection of Beltway Extension 2 with 16 Av Guajira, in the north of Maracaibo.

New faculties[edit]

On 5 October 1995, six years after the foundation of the city, he joined the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences with the School of Law and the Faculty of Administrative Sciences adds two new degrees: Accounting and Industrial Relations.

Start graduate programs (PhD, Masters and Specialisation) and the development of more than sixty (60) lines of research in the Research Centers of Administrative Sciences and Computer and Information Technology, and its first graduating class of graduates and engineers.

By November 1996, the Graduate Student Day, marks the final entry to the super information highway with the operation of the Internet.

On 5 October 1995, 6 years after its creation joins the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences with the School of Law and the Faculty of Administrative Sciences adds two new degrees: Accounting and Industrial Relations.

Later, he joined the Faculty of Humanities School of Social Communication, the School of Engineering adds the Industrial Engineering and the Faculty of Computer Science with a degree grows in Graphic Design.


Rafael Belloso Chacin University has 5 faculties, 9 schools and a total of 17 races:

Faculty of Engineering
  • School of Informatic Engineering
  • School of Computer Engineering
  • School of Industrial Engineering
  • School of Electronic Engineering (Telecommunications and Automatization and Control)
Faculty of Humanities and Education
  • School of Education (Integral and Preschool)
  • School of Social Communication (Audiovisual, Print Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations)
Faculty of Administrative Sciences
  • School of Public Accounts
  • School of Management (Business, Marketing, Banking and Insurance)
  • Industrial Relations
Faculty of Computer Science
  • Graphic Design
Faculty of Laws and Policy
  • Law's School

Campus and edification[edit]

The URBE has great classrooms not only for the development of undergraduate and postgraduate level, but also different spaces for cultural and sports activities, for which offers tennis, softball, football games, volleyball, basketball, and areas such as rooms dance, theater, recording studio and stays for thematic exhibitions. It has numerous computer labs, electronics, machining and telecommunications, photography, television, English, and graphic design workshops.

Also, administrative and academic areas are located in the classroom blocks and the building Rectoral in the latter is the Trial Chamber Oral and University Auditorium. On campus are located the television [Television URBE], and the station FM [96.3 FM Stereo URBE], both commercial, which are equipped with the latest broadcasting technology. Besides the different areas of study, coffee shops have services that are in the vicinity of the University sports fields.


The Dr. Nectario Andrade Labarca's Library, with its diverse, offers students and the general public urbista benefits consulting and research texts, for which it has areas, such as study rooms, music library, reference room, library modules and consultation to review the full text of thesis.

Distance learning[edit]

Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin takes a big step with the creation of educational technology for distance learning, based on a technology platform that fits all use elements of the Global Internet and instructional. In this way becomes part of the line of Latin American universities and the world that offer this type in their choice of undergraduate and graduate students.


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