Rafiath Rashid Mithila

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Rafiath Rashid Mithila
Born 25th May 1980[citation needed]
Alma mater University of Dhaka
Occupation Teacher, model, actress, singer
Known for House full (TV series)
Spouse(s) Tahsan Rahman Khan (2006-present)

Rafiath Rashid Mithila, commonly known as Mithila, is a model, actress and singer from Bangladesh. She also works as Manager, Education Program at BRAC International, the international arm of the development organization BRAC. Mithila started her career as a model for Neelanjana Palli.[1]


She was educated at Little Jewels school and Viqarunnisa Noon School. She completed her bachelor and masters degree in Political Science at the University of Dhaka. She also received a B.Ed.(Secondary Education) from National University.


She married singer, actor and model Tahsan on August 3, 2006.[2][3] Together they have a baby girl from 2013.

Tahsan & Mithila

Professional career[edit]

After getting her masters degree, Mithila joined BRAC as an intern. She worked there as a member of the education research team, conducted research titled "Politics in Primary Curriculum Development in Bangladesh". She then worked as a Research Assistant for BRAC, before moving to the USA to work as an intern for the Minnesota International Center. Mithila organized "World Culture Days" in the public schools of Minnesota to develop students' understanding of global cultures as an intern for the International Classroom Connection Program (ICC). She also taught reading, writing and mathematics to students. She worked at two different public schools: Edison High School (Minnesota) and Heritage Academy, under the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Program of Minneapolis school district. After coming back from USA she started consultancy for a few months at the Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE). Then she joined Scholastica School. She was the brand ambassador for their BBC Janala campaign. Then she joined at the Northern University, Bangladesh as a lecturer of English. Currently she is the Manager, Education Programmes, at BRAC International.[4]


Mithila started her media career as a model. She has worked for Robi, Jui, Aftab foods, Close Up Kase Ashar Golpo and other brands. She has worked as an actress in shows including:

  • X-Factor[citation needed]
  • Ai jibon (Telifilm)[5]
  • Ghum
  • Moddhorat O Jhora Patar Golpo
  • Oniket Valobasha
  • Denmohor
  • Housefull (Drama Serial)
  • Chaiya Chaiya
  • Tor Jonno Priyota
  • Modhuren Shomopayet (A Happy Ending)
  • Headmundu Urdhonondu
  • Jol Kona (Drama Serial)
  • Bahulota
  • Proof Reader
  • Nobab Gunda
  • Hoteo Pare Nao Pare
  • Pendulam
  • Nuner Moto Valobasha
  • She chay She cheye Thake
  • Onuradhake Bola Holo Na
  • Kone Pokkho
  • Shomoy Churi
  • Land Phoner Din gulote Prem
  • Shuvo Prapti
  • He and She


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