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Raftside is initially the solo project of songwriter and artist Filip Markiewicz. Since 1999 he autoproduces his post-rock, electro and songwriting albums. His first album was released in 2003, Antistar has had some success in the underground scene of lo-fi music.

In 2005, he released the album The Desperate life of Johnny Sunshine, an album which has helped to improve and develop his stage performances. He shared the stage with internationally renowned independent rock bands as Broken Social Scene, Joseph Arthur, The Organ, The Wedding Present, Deerhunter. Since 2007, the year in which Filip Markiewicz produced the album Opinion Lieder in collaboration with drummer Antoine Lejeune, Raftside became a project integrating six rock musicians on stage and played at many festivals where the group had the opportunity to share the stage with Placebo, Kaiser Chiefs and Daft Punk.

In 2008, Raftside recorded his album Disco Guantanamo in Brussels Rising Sun Studio, the album was produced by the producer Rudy Coclet (producer from Sharko, mudflow ...) Markiewicz makes a video for the first single Naked in collaboration with the Butoh dancer Yuko Kominami. In 2009, the band broke up, from that time Filip Markiewicz devoted himself mainly to visual arts, Raftside performed a last solo show at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai before taking a break.

Since 2013 Raftside reappeared on stage, Filip Markiewicz is working on the production of a new album.


  • 2003 : Antistar - CD
  • 2005 : The desperate life of Johnny Sunshine - CD
  • 2007 : Opinion Lieder - CD
  • 2008 : Disco Guantanamo - édition single limitée à 300 exemplaires vinyle
  • 2009 : Disco Guantanamo - CD


  • Raftside - A Raftcake in motion picture - DVD including the clips :
2003 : Cardiac Palpitation - réalisé par Filip Markiewicz
2004 : Live at the Casino (live) - réalisé par Filip Markiewicz
2005 : Desperate Johnny Sunshine - directed by Filip Markiewicz
2005 : Everything's wrong - directed by Filip Markiewicz
2005 : The Desperate life of Johnny Sunshine (court-métrage) - directed by Filip Markiewicz
  • Raftside - Opinion Lieder - CD including the clips :
2007 : A flower for the mood - directed by Sandy Lorente et Jeff Kieffer
  • Clips
2009 : Naked - directed by Filip Markiewicz

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