Rage (1972 film)

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Directed by George C. Scott
Produced by Fred Weintraub
Written by Philip Friedman
Dan Kleinman
Starring George C. Scott
Martin Sheen
Richard Basehart
Barnard Hughes
Music by Lalo Schifrin
Cinematography Fred J. Koenekamp
Edited by Michael Kahn
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release dates November 22, 1972 U.S. release
Running time 100 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Rage is a 1972 film starring George C. Scott, Richard Basehart, Martin Sheen and Barnard Hughes. Scott also directed this drama about a sheep rancher who is fatally exposed to a military lab's poison gas.

Nicolas Beauvy is featured as the rancher's doomed son in a cast that also includes Paul Stevens and Stephen Young.


While on a camping trip, sheep rancher Dan Logan (Scott) and his son are inadvertently exposed to a secret Army nerve gas from a plane passing overhead. Both end up in a military hospital where they are kept apart, unable to contact outsiders and lied to about their condition by a mysterious major (Sheen) who looks at the incident as little more than an opportunity to study the effectiveness of a nerve gas on humans.

Logan tries to hold someone accountable for their actions, but he and his family physician (Basehart) are stone-walled from every angle by military authorities and by bureaucrats staging a cover up -- with those responsible already well insulated by their positions of power.

After he discovers that his young boy has died, Logan goes on a terrorism spree against the company responsible for manufacturing the lethal poison before it also kills him.



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