Ragh District

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Ragh راغ
Location of Ragh راغ
District Badakhshan
 • Type District goverenor
 • Estimate (2010-11) 37,000

Ragh District is one of the 28 districts of Badakhshan Province in eastern Afghanistan. Located in the northwestern portion of the province, Ragh is home to approximately 37,300 residents. The capital city is Yawan.

Ragh is divided in to three deferent districts since 2005 , Raghistan, Yawan , and Kohistan , are the names of the mentioned districts.

the special charactrestic of Ragh is that all it,s residents are pure Persian-Dari speakers . Ragh has joint border with Tajikistan ,Yaftal Bala , Yaftale Sufla , Khwahan, Kuf Ab , Maimay, Shighnan, Arghanj Khwa, Shahri Buzurg, Districts of Badahshan.

the Famous rivers of Ragh are Yawan river , Rawinj River , Siab Dasht river ,Du Dara River and Rahe Dara rivers.there are only a few schools in Ragh , most of the people are busy in agriculture and animal husbandry activities.