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Ragsdale may refer to :


  • Danny Ragsdale (born 1977), American football player
  • David Ragsdale is an American rock violinist.
  • George Ragsdale (born December 4, 1951 in Greensboro, North Carolina) is a former professional American football player.
  • Graham Ragsdale of the Canadian Forces was the commander of the Third Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.
  • Heather Ragsdale (born July 30, 1981 in Arlington, Texas)[1] is a retired U.S. soccer player.
  • Isaac Newton Ragsdale (1859–1937) was a mayor of Atlanta, Georgia.
  • J. Willard Ragsdale (December 14, 1872 - July 23, 1919) was a U.S. Representative from South Carolina.
  • Katherine Hancock Ragsdale is an American Episcopal Priest based in Massachusetts.
  • Richard Ragsdale (died October 23, 2004[1]) was a physician who performed abortions in Illinois.
  • Ronald Ragsdale Sargison AKC was the Dean of St George's Cathedral, Georgetown, Guyana from 1957[1] to 1961.
  • Virginia Ragsdale (December 13, 1870 - June 4, 1945) was a teacher and a mathematician specializing in number theory.
  • William Ragsdale (1961-) is an American actor.
  • William Ragsdale Cannon (5 April 1916 – 1997) was an American Bishop of the United Methodist Church, elected in 1968.


  • The Ragsdale conjecture is a mathematical conjecture that concerns the possible arrangements of real algebraic curves embedded in the projective plane.
  • Ragsdale High School is a public high school in Jamestown, North Carolina. Opened in 1959,