Rahe (crater)

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Ceraunius & Uranius tholi.jpg
2001 Mars Odyssey THEMIS mosaic showing Ceraunius Tholus (below) and Uranius Tholus (above). Rahe crater is at the center.
Feature type crater
Coordinates 25°03′N 262°31′E / 25.05°N 262.52°E / 25.05; 262.52Coordinates: 25°03′N 262°31′E / 25.05°N 262.52°E / 25.05; 262.52

Rahe is a crater on the planet Mars in the Tharsis quadrangle, positioned at 25.05° north latitude and 262.52° east longitude,[1] between the volcanoes Ceraunius Tholus and Uranius Tholus. It is named after Jurgen H. Rahe, a German-American astronomer and NASA science program director.[1][2] The crater has an elongated shape measuring 35 km by 18 km and is the result of an oblique impact. A channel connects Rahe crater to the vicinity of the summit caldera of Ceraunius Tholus, with an interesting fan-shaped deposit at the lower end.


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