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Rahman Abbas (born 30 January 1972) is an Indian fiction writer. He writes in Urdu and English.[1] Abbas has Master's degrees in Urdu and English literature from Mumbai University. His novels are believed to be about forbidden politics and love.[2]

Abbas' first Urdu novel Nakhalistan Ki Talash (2004), written when he was 24, created a storm in the conservative Urdu literary circles, and protests by religious conservatives forced him to resign from his post as lecturer in a junior college in the heart of Mumbai.[3] This novel is immensely stimulating, rich in imagery, profound in characterization,dazzling in its descriptive power. The novel poses serious questions and discusses the identity crisis of Indian Muslim youths. This novel narrates story of an young man who is inclined towards the Kashmir struggle and finds his search for his identity blurred during the rise of right-wing and hate-filled politics in India at the turn of the 21st Century.He tries to demonstrate his identity and historic self which ultimately leads to his tragic and mysterious end. 'The Telegraph' (Calcutta, India) had stated that this novel is the story of an educated Muslim youth whose increasing alienation in a post-1992 Mumbai leads him to a Kashmiri terrorist organization.[4]]

He was arrested on the charges of obscenity when two members of the state legislative council questioned in the assembly over the uproar and Home Ministry had come under the shadow of these questions.Template:Http://www.bbc.co.uk/urdu/miscellaneous/story/2005/12/051228 fictionurdu 2005 sen.shtml

In his collection of literary essays ‘Ekkiswin Sadi Men Urdu Novel aur Digar Mazameen’ (Urdu Novel in Twenty First Century and Other Essay’).[[5] he has stated that as young boy he was influenced by Modernist movement and had written a few short stories which published in a famous literary magazine ‘Shabkhoon’ but later when he started reading Latin American, Western and African novels specially works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, George Orwell, Vicor Hugo, and Milan Kundera and Ben Okri it played significant role in his formation as a novelist. He has discussed how this transformation took place in details in two debates his novels ‘Ek Mamnua Muhabbat Ki Kahani’, and ‘Khuda Ke Saaye Mein Ankh Micholi’ held on Canada’s Urdu TV channel Rawal TV.[6]


  • Nakhalistan Ki Talash (2004)
  • Ek Mamnua Muhabbat Ki Kahani (A Forbidden Love Story) 2009
  • Khuda Ke Saaye Mein Ankh Micholi (Hide and Seek in the shadow of God) 2011.

These are two recent novels by Rahman Abbas which have established him as a major Urdu novelist from India. The trilogy of his early writing has published in the year 2013 titled Teen Novels published by Arshia Publication. ISBN 978931029299 http://www.bbc.co.uk/urdu/miscellaneous/story/2005/12/051228_fictionurdu_2005_sen.shtml


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