Rahul Easwar

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Rahul Easwar
Rahul Easwar
Rahul Easwar
Born Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Nationality Indian
Alma mater London School of Economics
Occupation Social Activist, Orator, Philosopher

Rahul Easwar (Rahul Easwaran Nampoothiri) is an author & activist from Kerala, India.[1]

He has been a participant on National News discussions about socio-cultural & political issues as a commentator & philosophy researcher.[2] He supports the concept of casteless priests & rights of everyone with sufficient knowledge and experience about the tantric rites do pooja.[3] He also campaigned for the rights of Tribals in Sabarimala & was arrested.[4] Rahul Easwar won in celebrity run of Kochi Half Marathon.[5] He is the winner of the Kerala version of Bigg Boss programme Malayalee House. [6]

Personal life[edit]

Easwar is the grandson of the Supreme Priest of Sabarimala Thazhamon Madom Kantararu Maheshwararu. Rahul Easwar is the son of Late Easwaran Namboothiri & Mallika Namboothiri.


Easwar was the person who defended Mata Amritanandamayi & Travancore Royal Family when controversies regarding them turned up. He takes part actively in cases regarding philosophical & socio-cultural issues.

Rahul is criticized by public for getting intimate with Rosin Jolly in the reality show Malayalee House.[7] However they responded by saying theirs is a 'special friendship' & was hyped up.[8][9]


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