Raid on Le Havre

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Raid on Le Havre
Part of Seven Years' War
Vue generale du bombardement du Havre en 1759 par les Anglais.jpg
The bombing of the port.
Date 3–5 July 1759
Location Le Havre, France
Result British victory
 Great Britain  France
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Great Britain George Brydges Rodney

The Raid on Le Havre was a two-day naval bombardment of the French port of Le Havre early in July 1759 by Royal Navy forces under Rear-Admiral George Rodney during the Seven Years' War, which succeeded in its aim of destroying many of the invasion barges being gathered there for the planned French invasion of Great Britain.

Rodney's squadron consisted of the 60-gun ship of the line Achilles as flagship, four 50-gun ships, five frigates, a sloop, and six bomb ketches. The squadron sailed from Spithead on 2 July, arriving off Le Havre the next day to attack the flat-bottomed boats and supplies which had been collected there. Rodney anchored off Le Havre, and stationed his bombs in the channel leading to Honfleur. These threw shells into the town, magazines, and boats for fifty consecutive hours, and did immense damage, without receiving any in return. Rodney, with some of his frigates, remained off the port for the rest of the year, and captured numerous prizes.[1]

Line of battle[edit]

Ships of the line
  • Wolf (8), Commander Hugh Bromedge
Bomb ketches


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Coordinates: 49°26′14″N 0°8′40″E / 49.43722°N 0.14444°E / 49.43722; 0.14444